1. Natalie*

    ladybugs are good luck!!!

    is it that warm? you’re in a light jacket!

    when i get there, we’re storming that cute dessert place in the village!


  2. becca

    utah misses you.

    come back!

  3. i love lady bugs, how cute!!! i aslo really like the jacket you are wearing. nice style!

  4. Is that sweater from Anthropologie? Girl,how can one keep up with you? Always sporting the cutest things!

    Are you going to be out west around the holidays? We’ll be in Cali mostly, but always willing to plan an impromtu utah skiing trip if Naomi and Josh will be around.

    Let me know?


  5. P.S. I forgot to say, I was a LADY BUG for Halloweeno!!! Crazy! Check the blog.


  6. Jenna

    You are so beautiful I love ladybugs

  7. Lovely ladybug! And we had so much fun with you two on Saturday. Sorry I didn’t get to give you a big hug on your way out. Hope you had a great weekend. We always enjoy spending time with you two.

  8. She’s good luck!!

  9. SHILL

    what a lucky find!!! such a sweet thing to happen dont you think? :)

  10. Could your sweater BE any cuter?! And you seriously make me want bangs… oh so cute.