1. You guys are adorable!
    I’m sure you had a fun halloween

  2. such cute costumes!

  3. adorable. found you through sussy… you two and your blog are quite something. loved the making of forts– it’s like my hubs favorite thing to do– fantastic! :) nice to “meet” you, and i will check back to stalk… i mean read.


  4. Meg

    seriously?! seriously?! this might be the cutuest thing ever

  5. you look brilliant.

    and this is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs. thank you.

  6. did you make that umbrella handle or what?! I know they had them for sale at one point, but….awesome!

  7. wow! you guys look great, you nailed it!

  8. Sarah

    Of course you were!!
    We love it!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS, these couldn’t be more amazing!!!!

  10. what fantastic costumes! love it.

  11. you guys look SERIOUSLY amazing — i’d love to post about your costumes on my glamour blog: glamour.com/sex-love-life/blogs/smitten/

    it’s all about relationships and your relationship is the cutest ever!!! :)

    would that be ok with you?

    xoxo joanna
    [email protected]

  12. malia

    i seriously love your costumes! you guys are great!

  13. Carolyn


    haha way to go. you guys look identical to mary and bert….its so great!!

  14. Holly

    what a cute idea, you guys look great!!

  15. Shug

    I love the costumes they are absolutely brilliant. The pictures are as usual very catching.

  16. Julia

    thas freakin adorable – i looove that movie

  17. becca

    where is the umbrella from? love it. you pull it off so well. but, duh!

  18. Jenna

    You two are so adorable. Love the costumes.

  19. Angelia

    love! love your costumes!!!

  20. Liv

    You two look great!

  21. Love the costumes! Brilliant idea! And we’re all dying to know where you found that umbrella?? It couldn’t be more perfect! I love your blog! You are adorable and your husband is perfect for you. You two always are so happy.

  22. becca

    You rock!

  23. Jenn

    That tapestry bag is fab.

  24. The umbrella! its exactly like the one in the film…how did you do it? So charming.

  25. the umbrella is from the new amsterdam theatre in times square where mary poppins on broadway performs here in the city. they sell them during intermission, etc.

  26. Oh my gosh! Where did you find that umbrella!?

  27. megan- i haven't seen you in years, you've been busy.

    i'll have to scroll through your life to see what you've been up too the last few years.

    how are you- your sisters & your fabulous mom & i think you had a brother my sons age? i don't miss the urb days one bit but i do miss the people (maybe i shouldn't write that!)

    anyhow looks like all is well- those costumes are rad.


  28. p.s. how do you do the round edges on your pictures. it reminds me of my childhood pictures. remember i’m old…

  29. Brandon

    Hey Josh,

    how are you?!…You and Naomi inspire Rachel and I’s creative side…we won a ward contest as the fox and the hound…and we’re expecting in April!

  30. J+S

    This is brilliant. Mind if I post on my blog and link to you?

  31. I once also dressed myself as Mary Poppins. I was seven. And instead of having a Bert I had the Chickenpox and had to stay home. But I wore my costume anyway!

  32. Ariel

    Hey! My boyfriend and I dressed up as Mary Poppins and Bert for this Halloween as well! What fun costumes!

  33. Emily G.

    You two are so adorable!

    I'm curious, where did you get the umbrella? I'd like to dress up as Mary Poppins this year, and what Mary Poppins is complete without her parrot umbrella?

  34. Jenni

    OMG what fabulous costumes! I just might try to steal this idea for next year… LOVE it!
    And great capture of the hubby doing the chimmy tow tap. So fun.