she’s baaaaack!

my pomegranate seeds @ pinkberry. 
oh love love love.
also– they have a new pinkberry pomegrante frozen yogurt.
so exciting.

{can’t you tell we loved it?}
  1. cute photos. you guys look adorable! and pinkberry is definitely love love love!!


  2. Looks delicious! Sadly I have never had pinkberry, but I do love pomegranate!

  3. Fenke

    love the colours in your picture… and yummy frozen yogurt!

  4. becca

    great hat.

  5. Looks yummy!!!! I want some!!!

  6. Kimmy

    I am a HUGE fan of pomegranate seeds at Pinkberry too. I’ll have to try this new pomegranate flavor for sure. Thanks!

  7. i love pomegranate seeds!!! red mango and some other pink berry knockoff place has those same flavors now too.

  8. pomegranate seeds are delish! Good to know they’re back.. its been a while.

  9. skye

    love all the colors! your style is splendid. p.s. i love to read your daily posts, so i tagged you ( see my blog for the rules if you want to play along).

  10. I’m so glad they are carrying my favorite flavor now! :-) YIPPEE

  11. you are so cute all bundled up!

  12. Holly

    bundled up and eating pinkberry–love it!

  13. shill

    DELISH!!!love your outfit :)