1. You guys looked fantastic on Halloween, no wonder you won. Very cool umbrella and since I’m not a fan of umbrellas that’s saying a lot! I just updated myself on your blog, lots of fun goings on and great pictures as always. What a charmed life you two lead, it’s great to be a fly on the wall of your life.

  2. oh, i love umbrellas. and the parrot kind is even better!

    p.s your outfit is to die for.

  3. becca

    Your umbrella be smokin!
    Love it.

    And you gotta stop pulling these adorable outfits on me. Where DO you get all of them??!

  4. SHILL

    i do love your umbrella :) pretty pretty shoes!!!

  5. Did you ever give away the brand/color or red lipstick you had on with your costume? It was perfect!

  6. Meikel

    you have exquisite taste & style!

  7. love those pants on you.

  8. Carolyn

    I love the umbrella but the matching shoes and jacket are to die for! So cute.

  9. Hi, you don’t know me one bit, but my friend had a link to your blog on her’s. I thought your blog title looked interesting, so I decided to take a look. I like your blog a lot, mostly because you and your husband remind me a lot of a friend and her husband. Just super silly and hip and generally fun people. That’s all I have to say and hopefully you don’t think I’m a total weirdo!

  10. shilvia

    you’re indeed a rockstar!!! love this blog :)

  11. Anna

    Where DID you get those pants?
    I have “athletic” thighs and those look like they’d hide my “athletic” thighs well.

    *athletic thighs are read as Hamhocks! :)

    You are beautiful Naomi.

  12. Love the pants! You look Gourgeous on them! Where did you get them? YOu’re outfitts are always so stylish! Here in Portugal sometimes is very dificult to find things so good like that!