shake shack the 2nd.

there’s a new shake shack which just arrived on the upper west side
on 77th and columbus ave.
while magnolia’s second location opening on the upper west side was maybe more of a bust {nothing beats the west village magnolia, and nobody likes a dry cupcake…} we decided to give this shake shack the 2nd a proper welcoming and review. 
after all, you know how much husband and i love our shake shack.
so we ventured out last saturday afternoon with our lovely friends margy and oliver to see if the 2nd shake shack was anything like the original in madison square park.
and… yes yes. we were impressed.
go there. 
it’s just as good. {at least it is right now…}

hip hip hooray shake shack 2!
{and no, i am not pregnant. even though my skirt is poofy and suggests it.}
  1. Carolyn

    I love your colorful jacket

  2. HhhHAHAHAHAHA! You’re not pregnant. I love that you think you look it with the skirt. You kill me.

    And that burger looks GOOD!

    (but really, when are josh and naomi planning on having little josh and naomi’s? we’re all dying to know.)

  3. Anonymous


  4. that looks AMAZING!!!!!

  5. natalie*

    1. did you break the fast at the shack? jacket. ties. dead giveaway.

    2. mag’s uws sucks because it’s KOSHER!!!! sick. kosher= icebox pie!!! funny….it tastes holy to me…

  6. Maya

    why do diss my bakery?

  7. SHILL


  8. nat,

    no no to fast. yes to temple after the shack. thus, jackets, ties. though husband sports these often for fun, no?

    are you back yet? ugh. call me.


  9. and sorry suki for dissing your bakery. but you have agreed with me before….. and you need to call me back too.


  10. i saw that it was open – husband and i will definitely have to go…but maybe next week (considering that we’ve already had shack burgers this week). so glad to hear it’s just as good!

    and hello? how popular are you! sussy and cup of jo!

  11. yuuuuum!
    this is making me hungry.
    i want french fries so badly now!


  12. Oh I have so many questions. The rays–they look so official! How did it feel to actually sit in a restaurant? A line? Was there a line? Trivia in line? Is it okay–all these differences? It tasted the same?