1. you are so fun! spin away!

  2. Sarah

    He is such a good husband for letting you spin! Haha! And you are so adorable.

    P.S. how did you get your comments to say “you are a rockstar?” that is awesome.

  3. Anonymous

    i love your spirit and ability to embrace life the quirky way. your blog is a joy to read.

  4. becca

    HAHAHA. I am rolling. Love your little skips at the end.

  5. I don’t think there are any men out there who don’t enjoy watching their wives spin on poles…haha! cute outfit, but whats new…

  6. dana

    you are so flippin’ adorable! you and your husband are such an inspiration to all who think they know what love and life are meant to be….please keep it up!

  7. leaca

    very cute. that is an excellent reason to love him. it actually says a lot. =)

  8. Annie

    there’s nothing like a spin. I recently had the amusing pleasure of watching some high people do this. It’s a sight everyone should see before they die.
    Anyways, I actually have a n obsession with trains that go underground. Whatever you call it – tube, metro, subway – I love it! God I’m SUCH a freak.

  9. yup.. this just made my day. thanks. ps.. will you email me about out December photo shoot? Plus i need to get your sisters’ contact info.

  10. I hope you washed your hand after that.

  11. shilvia

    spin away doll :)

  12. thatwife

    You just might be the funnest person I have ever had the pleasure of “meeting” through a blog.

  13. okay this just makes me want to see you be a mom and give your kids the freedom to spin their little hearts out! Too sweet.