1. Sarah

    this is so great. love the color combo!

  2. Sarah

    p.s. Where might this be?

  3. hehe… i love this too. so funny. way to go Josh! I went through a major handstand phase, but I didn’t take any pictures (the world is probably grateful). :)

  4. Carolyn

    okay so i was just about to write back to say that my comment sounded super “wenchy”, but you already read it….{i hate how things come out in type :( } no wenchiness intended, infact if i could wear any outfit of yours i would probably wear it for 4 days.

    not that you did ;) backtrack backtrack backtrack…

    {….oh someone stop me}

  5. becca

    Love it.

  6. impressive…fantastic shot! xo

  7. Meikel

    amazing Polaroid!

  8. glasarit

    I stumbled upon your blog after seeing you on Joanna’s :)
    You and your husband have amazing style! I looked around a little and your husband kind of reminds me of my boyfriend (the glasses and just a little on the fashion front) and you remind me a little bit of me (love vintage skirts and dresses, shoes, red lips, bangs) :P And we’re the same age!
    Also, love to see people who are so happy :)

    Besos from Spain!

  9. glasarit

    Spain’s usually quite nice, weather wise, but I live in the Basque Country = rainy a good part of the year :(

    Yep, that’s me in the red sweater :) Love that color…

    Thanks for commenting back!
    I’ll pop around from time to time :)


  10. j.


    He does a mean handstand!

    What a guy…

  11. j.


    He does a mean handstand!

    What a guy…

  12. nice. I knew he was talented but this?! I’m impressed! ;)