procession of the ghouls.

after an awesome halloween party with friends {where we maybe won best costume!} we went to the cathedral church of st john the divine  for the procession of the ghouls and an old black and white silent film, the phantom of the opera. we were lucky to score some great seats up close and get super scared during the procession! 

{josh got a picture with the devil…}
{and we were maybe asked by nice random people on the street and in the cathedral to be in their photos}.
we hope everyone had a safe, lovely,
  1. love love love the costumes. you look fabulous!

  2. That program looks awesome! It’s almost creepier that it was in a church. Your Mary Poppins costumes look great!

  3. oh my gosh!!
    you went as mary poppins!!
    how very cute!
    i love it!


  4. Sarah

    Such a riot, you are! We miss you.
    The procession looks scary too!

  5. Kelly delurking here, to say I love your costumes!! Very creative! If I were on your street I’d be asking for pics too!

  6. ohio12

    Wonderful costumes! I just found your blog through Melancholy Smile. Keep doing fun stuff before you have kids, we worked WAY too hard during those years. You look like you are having a great time. Want to see my (not as exciting and glamorous, but sweet) family?

    PS: you eat a are you SO THIN? -Laura

  7. SHILL

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! supercreativefabulous you are indeed!!!!

  8. becca

    why you so cool??

    LOVE the costumes!

  9. Jenna

    Seriously so great. That carpet bag is awesome.

  10. you two are ADORABLE!