1. becca

    You two. Definitely lovely.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow those windows behind you are so pretty. You and your husband are sure lucky to have each other.

  3. kalen

    very cute … and you can tell just through the pictures that you love each other… you don’t need to tell us! ;)

  4. Shug

    you know sometimes your husband can look like the guy from spiderman… sometimes!!

  5. Kimmy

    So cute. You two are my most hip imaginary friends!

  6. Meikel

    You show the very best of New York, and again you have impeccable style!

  7. very lovely! and yes that cardy from anthro is the best!!!! i love anthro!

  8. ok…I love the fact that when I see the two of you like this I always say “ahhh” out loud…that’s pretty darn adorable. xo t

  9. Jessa

    i’m moving to new york in january and you’re helping me fall in love with the place before I’ve even arrived. thank you for that :) :)

    ps edward made my entire weekend.
    can’t wait to hear what you thought

  10. M

    naomi, thanks for visiting my blog {lovelybym.blogspot.com}…i found you just recently through Kelly McCaleb and pretty much became hooked because a)you & your husband seem to be just as in love as my husband & i are…which is what life + marriage should be right…oh i could go on about it ;o)…should we right a novel together??? b)you two really do rock c)you're SO hip and d)you lead a simple yet most enjoyable life. so glad we are now formally introduced!


    p.s. where is this?

    And is that the purple one you were telling me about from Coal Umbrella’/?