it’s true. taza and husband eat a lot.

maybe we watched the polls tuesday night and celebrated the election with a “his” and “hers” pizza party.
you know, just husband and me.
maybe we ate 2 medium pizza’s in about 24 hours.
maybe…just maybe, this isn’t the first time we’ve achieved this goal.
and maybe you shouldn’t judge us.
we love our domino’s. 
{taza- all cheese. husband-beef + bacon. oh yeah.}
  1. Emily

    atta girl! i love eating the majority of the pie and then having the leftover slices cold for breakfast.

  2. The Miz

    If only we could all down a pizza and still keep our girlish figures.

  3. Taza and husband are my kinda people…

  4. Natalie*

    yes, tazita!

    a woman after my own heart….

    the ONE grievance i have – WHY dominos when you live in the pizza capital of the WORLD!!!?? shame on you!!!

    yes, my dearest. i am READY for some nae nae love!!!!!

    back late monday eve… can we play tuesday or wednesday?

  5. nothing is as good as domino’s to me, natalie.
    not even nyc pizza. i know i know….

  6. becca

    And this is why I love Naomi and Josh!

    Good girl!

  7. Erika

    Wow. How do you stay so trim?

  8. Liv

    Eat and be merry!! No shame in enjoying a good meal.

  9. dominos. oh how i love dominos.
    yum yum yum!


  10. Jessica

    I love me some dominoes as well. All cheese of course.