it inspired our boys to do a little interpretive dance, oh karl lagerfeld.

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remember when rubi and i tried to go see the chanel mobile art exhibit in central park but didn’t know we needed tickets? well, stanton {rubi’s love and husband} got up in the wee hours saturday morning and waited in line at 7:30am to get us some tickets and we went that evening {thank you so much rubi and stanton}!
i have to tell you, it was one of the best things i have seen. if you’re in the city, whether you love art and fashion or hate it, you need to go to this. i had heard such negative feedback so i wasn’t expecting much, but i loved every minute of it.
we were also pleasantly surprised by a big show of fireworks in central park as we waited in line to see the exhibit. we don’t know what they were for, exactly, but it was lovely to watch a big random fireworks show in the park.

{husband is an angel here. hallelujah!}
after the exhibit, stanton and husband were feeling very inspired {especially with the weird music and sounds on the speakers surrounding the mobile art}. the boys decided to channel their inspiration through an interpretive dance.
here was the outcome:
then it was time for an impromtu photo shoot in central park with a lovely backdrop of nyc’s skyline.

and then we ate dinner at ollies. where they forgot one of our orders, i had the worst cashew chicken this planet could muster and rubi found a hair in her food.  oh new york, we love you.

  1. Nicole

    I am a random lurker but I know stanton and Rubi from Utah! How funny! They are the best. Of course you would know them, you guys are just as cool.

    I have loved your blog for sometime. Your style is hot and you and your husband have such great times together in New York.

    Tell Rubi hi for me!

  2. I see Naomi has been teaching Josh some moves!

  3. Anonymous

    you always do such cool things!

  4. this looks amaazing!! i want to go so bad! Looks like you guys had such a great time- love that there were random fire works in the park- good timing! P.S. Ollies is SO nasty- we’ve experienced oriental hair in our dishes 2 .. =)

  5. Carolyn

    sooooo, from saturday to tuesday you sported that same outfit, no? Don’t get me wrong, it IS adorable, and i frequently do the same…except my repeat offender is usually scuzzy pajamas….that surely puts you one up on me ;)

    And you DID find a lady bug in that pocket, so…it’s coo.

    love your blog by the way.

  6. Anna

    Wow. I am so impressed with the video. And I’m not being sarcastic…josh has some really great moves. Way to go!

    Hey naomi. I just want you to know what a great example you are to me. I love your excitement for the NY life. It makes me want to stop being a hermit, go make friends and enjoy the city. You are the coolest.

    Plus, I love that you are a really loyal friend.

  7. hi carolyn,

    all these photos were from saturday when i wore that outfit.


  8. becca

    You two really are rockstars.

    Love the sweater, Nay. And Josh- you’ve got some moves!!!

  9. sderiously..that interpretive dance was hilarious! just found your blog…and i’m here to stay! thanks for the inspiration!

  10. The worse {and funniest} restaurant review ever and random fireworks — sounds like the makings for a perfectly fun evening.

  11. fireworks were for the marathon (night before celebration – i guess they figured everyone would be too pooped the next night).

  12. i agree on the ollies review- even for pretty fast and cheap chinese food it leaves something to be desired- but for some reason like a moth to the flame, i keep going back! hope your round 2 is a little bit better.

  13. jiscilla

    I don’t know what is more hilarious…your hubby lurking around like dinosaur or his friend magically appearing in the distance fluttering around like a butterfly. I totally giggled.

    I’m sad I missed this event. I would have loved to go.

  14. you’re friends with rubi? so jealous! she did some amazing work on my shoots and i miss her.