1. That is pretty silly. At least Josh isn’t traveling… cross your fingers there.

    I can’t wait to see you in December! So excited!

  2. aw, I hope you cheer up, dear.

  3. Tops

    Just give him a BIG hug when he comes home and you’ll feel better.

    LOVE the blog, by the way.

  4. Anna

    Yeah, what’s the big idea?!

    My hubby’s out working as well. I am grateful that he works so hard so that we can save up and travel and so so I don’t have to have another job besides my dancing one…but still….It’s a weekend!

  5. melissa

    same here. and at night, too. stinks.

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  7. boo…
    make up for lost fun on sunday!

  8. shilvia

    :( aaw, that’s not nice!!! i hope you cheer up…

  9. Carolyn

    I sell cars and often have to work on Saturdays.
    I don’t believe in it!

  10. Anonymous

    you sure made up for a saturday at work by taking your cute wife on a sweet date! all husbands need lessons from you.