}i{ — they are called butterflies.

once upon a time i went on my first date with husband. i didn’t have high expectations for the evening. i even tried getting out of our plans a few times. but when i sat across the table from my unbeknown to me future husband, i surprised myself when i got butterflies.

they were a different kind of butterflies than those when i have performed, had a crush on someone or was overjoyed by a feeling of happiness. they were new to me butterflies. entirely different than any i had felt before in my life.

those “special” butterflies have revisited many times since that first little outing long ago. and often, at the most unexpected moments when i am with husband. they reassure me of how special he is, how perfect we are together and how happy he makes me.  i had those same butterflies this morning as i sat on the bathroom floor at 6-something in the morning and watched husband shave his scruff and fix his hair for work.
they reminded me, i am so in love. and even better, he loves me. how wonderful is that?
  1. Meg

    talk about good, perfect writing!

  2. Sarah

    You don’t know me, but I enjoy your blog thoroughly. It is refreshing to read about a young couple such as you and your accomplishments and love for one another. I hope the world sees this blog and desires to live a better life and love the people around them. I know it has encouraged me to take take a better more positive look on my family and life.

    Thank you!

  3. Micaela

    just wonderful! xo

  4. Fenke

    this is soo sweet! i feel exactly the same about my soon-to-be-husband. and we have been together for 10 years by now.

  5. oh my gosh janalyn i remember that! and now i am very much so embarrassed. thanks for bringing that up.

  6. Carolyn

    Your freckles are so beautiful, I love that photo of you guys…the way he is looking at you makes for a perfect wedding pic.

  7. Gabi

    I’ve recently started following your blog and I love it!
    You guys give me hopes that there is still love out there!

  8. Casey

    You guys are adorable. Thanks for sharing your life!

  9. Brittany

    So you are STUNNING in that photo. Reading this post was beautiful and I am so happy for you and your husband. You really are such a rock star couple.

    P.S. Never seen such a glowing bride! You are gorgeous!

  10. What it is about a man shaving? It’s one of the most attractive things to me. I think it weird Levi out how I always want to be the bathroom with him when he’s shaving-

  11. caitlin

    hello, i have been reading your blog for a bit (even before sussy spotlighted you.. i was proud of that :)

    just wanted to say.. um could you guys be any more fun and fashionable? (the answer is no)

    thanks for letting me (a complete stranger) read about your exciting lives.

  12. I am reading this post with Cyra and she was looking at the picture and said. Who’s that? I told her. She said: I really like her. I said why? She said: because I love her. She’s the prettiest and she’s getting married.

    There you have it. Cute post.

  13. Carlie

    That photo is something else. So beautiful.

  14. Thais

    oh I love the butterflies! I often get them too and we’re going on four years! :-)

  15. shill

    butterflies in your tummy is the sweetest thing :) this post is as sweet as love can be!!!

  16. aww, i love that you still gush! so very wonderful~!

  17. aww… you’re a gusher! you two are too cute for words. i want to eat you both.

  18. Sarah

    Naomi. I want to model my life after your wonderful outlook. You are always finding the best ways to look at things, even the tricky parts. Thanks for your example!

  19. Jessa

    I too am a complete stranger to you guys but I stumbled across your blog and I’ve been reading it every day since. Its actually something I look forward to and I get a little too excited about it. You’ve really created for yourselves what most people strive for their whole lives. You keep things simple and about the important things. I really appreciate the things you share with the world, it makes us better people for ‘knowing’ you!

    Thanks for sharing your souls.

  20. I feel the same way. I feel lucky to be with
    My best friend everyday who makes me laugh harder than anyone. Marriage rocks! Oh and of course…. You are too darling for words!

  21. 1. Never seen such beautiful freckles.

    2. Talk about a couple I want to model my future marriage after!

    3. I miss you, Nay.

  22. Lenae

    I’m coming out of the shadows too. At some point, these blog posts have just gotten too cool and too cute and too romantic and too awesome to NOT comment on. So thanks for sharing them! It’s an adventure for me to read about your everyday life :)

  23. nichole

    Absolutely refreshing, and it literally makes me want to jump out of my skin to hear that someone feels this way.

    I, too, am SUBLIMELY in love with my husband, so much so that I’ve embarrassed myself on occasion when I gush and gush.

    Wrap your arms around him and give him what I am sure is his millionth hug!

  24. Jenn

    (Later down the road) wait until you see your husband as a father. You’ll be amazed at your capacity to fall hard for him, all over again.

    Lovely post.

  25. Afton

    i loooove your adorable freckles.

  26. Lisa

    I’ve only been married for 3 months and I feel this same way. Glad to hear those butterflies never go away and marriage is still fun a few years later. (Of course I can’t imagine it never NOT being this way , but that is all people ever say to me- wait a few years.)

    I just came across your blog the other day but I’ve already read most of your entries because I love it! It’s so fun being married!

  27. nikki

    I love that so many people love this post and your blog. It’s such an amazing thing to love your husband the way you do, the way I do and the way so many people do. There is love out there and it does happen to people… well, we choose it.

  28. becca

    this gives me HOPE. oh love, you ARE out there.

    Great post, Naomi.

  29. Robin

    Such a great post. We need more people in the world like Josh and his beautiful wife Naomi.

  30. since everyone else is coming out of the closet as a random blogstalker, i will too. i saw your blog from my friend livia’s blog, and you are adorable. love the blog, love your style, and im glad that butterflies are still fluttering strong :]

  31. Anonymous

    you have a beautiful white smile!

  32. this is such an adorable post… i really love it. You guys are such a great couple- so glad you are still getting butterflies.. I hope they last forever as I’m sure they will. You truly are Rockstars!

  33. Kristin

    will you show us more wedding pictures?

  34. andrea

    ah, so sweet!

  35. it is wonderful enough for me to have butterfly tears after your story…my it’s a great love story.

    Keep it fresh!

  36. this post makes me want my boyfiend to propose right now! i love him in the way you obviously love your boy and i am so happy for the two of you xx

  37. wings

    you'll probably never see this, but i have to say something. this post moved me. i want to be a better, more loving wife. thank you.

  38. I read this and it made me giggle! I'm just like that.
    I always think my husband must think I'm totally obsessed with him, and I have to admit at times I kinda, maybe feel a little bit of blushy when I realize I'm just staring at him… but I love him so much. I'm glad I found someone who's just like me. I discovered your blog recently and decided to go all the way back… I love it. You are so effortlessly cool, and make such a beautiful couple!