1. Sarah

    Your tree photos from last year are AMAZING. You are always so festive! I love how you embrace each holiday.

    And that photo of you and your siblings at graduation is too much! You all have such HOT smiles and faces!!!

  2. Sarah

    OK, so it’s not publishing my comment!

    But I was going to say, LOVED your tree from last year and I love you and your siblings pretty smiles! You have such a beautiful familia!!

  3. You have already emailed Santa three times? Haha, I didn’t know he had email. And as much as I want to laugh at that statement, I cannot. Because knowing you I know you most likely HAVE found Santa’s email AND have really emailed him three times!

    Oh wow, I miss you.

  4. Anonymous

    what did you ask santa for? i love your blog. it appears as though you already have everything! nyc is such a cool place to live. and you and your husband are so cute!

  5. Meg

    i love love love your lovely little posts. lets get together soon please!

  6. Emily

    could your family be any cuter? way to go, mom and pop!

  7. Carolyn

    Cutest family ever!!! I love the holidays too, you’re so lucky you get to be in NYC for the cold weather. Its 77 in Dallas today.

  8. becca

    Are you going to do Thanksgiving and Christmas in the city again? Are you coming toUtah after Christmas?

    Can’t wait to see all your great holiday photos!

  9. Anonymous

    can you please share santa’s email address with us?

  10. Katie

    Your posts are great. I want to be you!

  11. you and the hubby… how adorable are you two?! thank you both for the daily posts. my favs are the ones of you two grubbing in the city. am a former columbian myself and miss new york so much. may you receive everything on your list to santa… :)

  12. how adorable are you two?! a former columbian myself, i look forward to my morning cup of coffee and your blog for a daily taste of new york. thank you!

  13. shilvia

    these are lover~ly :)