he took me out on a date. there was even a ferris wheel…

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after seeing bond saturday evening {p.s.- we loved it}, we went to toys r us in times square to ride the ferris wheel! we had a wonderful time in the barbie mobile!

{isn’t he just handsome?}

{incase you were wondering, this is the barbie mobile.}

{and he let me drive the barbie car. such a nice guy.}

{the details of barbie’s car were lovely.}
{and, josh let me borrow his glasses. i WISH i had glasses.}
thank you husband for a wonderful little date night.
{and for letting me smudge finger prints all over your glasses…}
i love you.
  1. lovely. saw bond last night too. it was wonderful! you too are adorable!

  2. awww. your photos are cutecute! I’m glad you had a fun night after the bummer of him having to work.

    and I just have to note:
    I love your bangs.
    I love your lipstick.
    I love your clothes.

    those three apply to just about every photo I’ve seen of you. you are adorable! :)

  3. Anonymous

    i think i just found my new favorite blog… :)

  4. Meg

    i always know that when you change your profile pic that a good post is coming! love it, love it–MJ and I rode the ferris wheel there back in the day–nothing better than bringing out the inner child.

  5. Meg

    i always know that when you change your profile pic that a good post is coming! love it, love it–MJ and I rode the ferris wheel there back in the day–nothing better than bringing out the inner child.

  6. laurel

    what’s your lipstick color? loveit.

  7. Em & Gar

    you are so lovely. love the stories. You always give me such good ideas. I think I will perpetually be copying you. xoxo

  8. i love dates, and husbands for that matter.
    and it is silly he had to work on saturday.

  9. such a cute date night!!
    and your dress is stunning =)


  10. you two are absolutely adorable. i’m obsessed

  11. Sandy

    You guys are really the cutest couple. Your dates are inspiring…must get babysitter and find ferris wheel ASAP. :)

  12. Courtney

    glad you enjoyed the polaroid! and thanks for stopping by; i was surprised! i happened upon yours through somewhere; I forget how now, and have really enjoyed it! Love all the photos of your dining experiences and life happenings. very cute. Keep it up!!

  13. Carolyn

    What a fun date!
    Yes, he is handsome, I agree.
    His glasses look good on you!
    Your bangs are so cute.

  14. Sarah

    I always know when I see you’ve updated the blog that I’m in for a treat. Yours posts are awesome. Don’t know how you guys always seem to have the funnest times, and the COOLEST outfits and photos.

    tss- ROCKSTARS you are.

  15. Anonymous

    You are so beautiful. i love your dress and lipstick1

  16. kalen

    how fun! i love reading your adventures… and the pictures are always fabulous.

    i linked you on my blog… as one of my favorite “wifeys” to read about… ;)

  17. you two just have so much fun! what a great idea! Love you two together! ;)

  18. Jenna

    I don’t think I’ve seen such a cute couple. LOVE your little city adventures. I think I might have met you briefly once before… but I’m not sure. Oh the mormon world is so small… so it’s possible- though I’m sure you would have made a much bigger impression on me with your cute style and taste so it’s unlikely. As she rambles….

    Sorry. But yeah i agree with everyone else- I’m addicted!

  19. thatwife

    This is a totally different Jenna than the one before commenting, but I agree with everything she said. I clicked over from your comment and immediately exclaimed “Oh, she is adorable!” I said it out loud, quite excitedly.

    1. I love that you use polaroid and the holga, frequently.
    2. I love that you are LDS, the funky kind of LDS.
    3.To quote Jack White “I can tell that we are gonna be friends.”

  20. Where is your dress from?

    You should steal Josh’s glasses more often- you look HOT with lenses.


  21. P.S. Maybe I want the info on your lip color too. OK, maybe I want to even copy your hair-do.

  22. becca

    you’re so popular.

  23. Keri

    I think I just might be your new biggest fan. And while I might regret it tomorrow when I can’t turn in my homework since I’ve spent my limited time reading and gawking at everything you’ve ever written or posted this evening, I think it might be worth it. I feel inspired and surprisingly happy upon leaving your page. So thanks. You rock.

  24. totally a HOT date if there ever was one!

    Such a classy couple.

    Get you some glasses…they are so cute on you!

  25. Anonymous

    great post. so cute!

  26. E.F.G.

    took me a minute to figure out the feet print and then i laughed with embarrassment. the look of two lefts and two rights indicates my wide stance as i bent over (not gracefully) to get write in the sand!

  27. Lexi

    I somehow clicked my way to your blog, but I think you and your husband are absolutely adorable. I agree with another persons comment above. I think I found my new favorite blog. :)