1. so cute. Which reminds me…I should probably be doing that sometime soon, too.

  2. Jenna

    This is definitely going to have to be the way we do things at our house.

  3. And everyone knows that mini christmas trees don’t count ;)

  4. Sarah

    Love it. You and Christmas, so good together.

    Did you color your hair? It looks so red, and good!

  5. no new color- just weird lighting.

    and miss you too, girl!

  6. becca

    loves it. where’s the little one from??

  7. I still have my 1st mini tree ever! They are so great!

  8. caitlin

    we have a strict rule at my house to stay away from all things christmas until thanksgiving night, since i am a christmas freak.. like if christmas was in the bath tub, I would bathe in it.

  9. Carolyn

    that’s the prettiest mini tree I have ever seen!