1. Brittany

    Girl- you and that big mac. STILL not over that faze? Wonder how you stay so slim when eating fried chicken with syrup and mcdonalds all the time. Love you.

  2. you guys are cute.

    that’s crazy you both know josh. he was my first friend up here. small world, indeed.

  3. Anonymous

    Your poor husband working so late! What does he do for JPMorgan? Gosh, those hours people work in NYC. How would one ever find it worth it?

  4. becca

    You are so cute! Sorry Josh had to work so late. I love a good Big Mac too.

  5. Jana

    i think you and your husband are simply charming, and i don’t even like mcdonalds :)

  6. There goes Nay Nay and her McDonalds again.

    And Josh! They better be paying you some nice shiny pennies for working past 1AM. Gosh it’s not even funny…

  7. Carolyn

    I hate long hours at work!

  8. thatwife

    What does your husband do exactly? Mine is a consultant, usually traveling 3 or 4 days out of every week. Good for the blogging, bad for the loneliness. When he works late he never brings me big macs. I would like it if he brought me a cupcake though.

  9. Emily

    could you be any prettier??? i’m with you all the way on the big mac…nothing comes close (and i’m from california where everyone worships in-n-out).

  10. Em & Gar

    how do you look this good at 1am? nomi, can you teach me how to be you?

  11. Anonymous

    i don’t know how you always look so good and happy. especially so late in the night. your husband is lucky.

  12. erin

    Could you BE any cuter? No, I doubt it.

  13. Juls

    I saw your blog link from another blog and I thought you two were very cute!

    My husband and I will be married 20years this coming August (more than half my life) and we are still silly and in love…you two remind me of us! Gotta love the Big Mac at 1:00 a.m.!

  14. shill

    yummmm!!!how lucky are you :)

  15. Anonymous

    you are so pretty, it’s crazy!

  16. I love Big Macs too.. and whoppers.. I completely empathize!

  17. Anonymous

    i love bigmacs! so Yummy.

  18. hahah of course you still look beautiful at 1 am!!

  19. McDonalds is a great place. I confess: I have a slight obsession as well.