Happy day, Happy Thanksgiving!

husband and i are off to williamsburg, virginia to spend the weekend with family and have a colonial thanksgiving! we are very excited! and i have this little feeling we might have lots of crazy photos to post once we return home to new york. {you never know…}
in the meantime, today i am especially thankful for {in no particular order}:
  • husband {bet you saw that one coming}
  • parents, sisters, isaac….family {i sort of have the best}
  • society’s crab cake sandwich, 40 carrot’s fro yo, the grey dog’s blt
  • french toast everywhere 
  • cell phone chargers, batteries
  • sprinkles cupcake mixes
  • friends, strangers, taxi drivers, street performers, people everywhere
  • cuddles, kisses, smart wool socks
  • laughs, health, no cavities
  • this book
  • warm apple cider, cheese danishes
  • my faith, service, babies, children, future family, eternal families
happy thanksgiving!
{and this photo doesn’t have anything to do with thanksgiving, 
but it’s an old one i just found from way back in 2006 and it made me happy.}
  1. I’m thankful for old friendships found anew! And blogs to keep them in touch and make them feel like they’ve been dearest friends for years.

  2. such a cute photo.



  3. Liv

    happy thanksgiving and safe travels!!

  4. Shug

    Where is the love and thanks for McDonalds? :) I like your list, and the picture totally applies. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Meikel

    I love that you are famous my dear blog friend! Your spread in Glamour is marvelous and I particularly like your custom made campfire!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. shill

    happy thanksgiving!!! this photo has the coolest colour combination :) btw, i’ve sent you an email :D

  7. Jenna

    You know, I am also grateful for David Sedaris.

  8. happy thanksgiving! i love williamsburg.

  9. Anonymous

    hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

  10. Anonymous

    hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

  11. Rachel

    I am thankful for your blog! Love it.

  12. Micaela

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday! I can’t wait to see the pics when you get back :) yay!!!!

  13. Jordan

    Williambsburg is wondferful! Cannot wait to see your fabulous photos.

  14. hope you have a beautiful trip!

  15. shill-

    i don’t have any emails from you…
    and, where is your blog address listed?

  16. shill

    hey naomi, i have re send the email to the address on the side of your blog. [email protected]?

  17. shill-

    yes, that is my email, but i still have nothing from you?! weird. i don’t know why it’s not working…


  18. shill

    i hope you dont mind, just send me a blank email from yours to [email protected] then i will reply with the message. thank you so very much naomi!

  19. shill

    I’ve received yours,I hope you received mine ;)

  20. shill

    I’ve received yours,I hope you received mine ;)

  21. I love the picture, Naomi! You guys are almost too perfect. Is that even possible? :)