fried chicken + waffles = we live in harlem.

{that’s not diet coke. oh no, that is grape kool-aid. oh yes.}
if you are ever in the city, we recommend one of our favorites. amy ruths of harlem. no one else does soul food quite as nicely. and by that, we mean fried chicken and waffles…. you know…together. 
{and sorry mom, i know you get so sad when have soul food without you…}
  1. girl! you know i’ve never had that and always wanted to? way to go. and is that a newbie dress from monk? cause i really like it. again, way to go.

  2. Shug

    …..I don’t know that I’m feeling that…does look interesting though!

  3. Anonymous

    seriously? together? i don’t know about that.
    you guys always are trying some awesome combinations- be it with clothing or food! not many can pull it off.

    not a fan of syrup though. ew.

  4. Sarah

    Looks delicious. your outfit is great, too. where is that scarf from?

  5. my friend, who has seen your blog insists that we look exactly alike.

  6. Rebecca

    I’ve heard about this place, and another by the name os Silvias? Both soul food?

    I need to make a trip into NY soon and try out all the yummy places you blog about. Looks good.

  7. Funny. I almost went there last night. Instead I treked all over the LES and ended up at Caracas. This place has AMAZING arepes. I bet you would love it. They have freshly squeezed juices and everything has plantains. God bless it.

  8. shilvia

    wow…that’s one interesting combo…sounds delish, two of my fave food :)

  9. YUM!! I just had this for the first time last night! SO delish! I can’t wait to go back again… soon! We should plan it ;)

  10. E.F.G.

    AMEN! a brilliant combination…next time i’m getting the kool-aid.

  11. andrea

    Even though we are strangers….I’ve come to love you through your adorable blog…but I have to say. THAT is disgusting.

    haha! But entertaining as ever!!

  12. carly

    fried chicken and waffles?? it must be like french fries and a chocolate shake. it sounds nasty, but is truly delicious. :)