1. Lacey

    You guys are so cute! What adorable pictures!

  2. Shelley

    You have to be the most adorable couple I’ve seen!!! So creative too- LOVE the fake flames!! CLEVER!!

    Wow. I can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs. You are so cute.

  3. So I go away for a week and come back and check Naomi’s blog and this is what a get: a ton of new HOT entires (why you always gotta look so good)? and a FEATURE by Glamour Mag? Ok, ok- you’re too much. Teach me before it’s too late.

    LOVE this.

  4. tahnk you so much! joannaxo

  5. Dennise

    I was introduced to you over at Joanna’s blog and I just have to say, Naomi you are absolutely stunning! Love this blog.

  6. j.

    naomi, you are darling! and how fun to be featured on smitten. :) my husband banned christmas trees until after thanksgiving, too. the mini one is a fabulous idea!

    i also have to ask you where you got the red cowboy boots. were they a random thrift store find?

    i have been looking for the perfect pair for at least 6 months now, but she is hard to find.

  7. Love the fort. You two are hilarious.

  8. Sarah

    I love it. Adorable.

  9. you guys kill me! you and your hubby must be the most in love couple i have ever met, well, not literally, i only know you through your blog, but you guys are just so cute, inspiring, and make me very hopeful that story book romance still exists. you are one lucky girl!!!
    i am going to build my hubby and i one of these forts, it’s such a great idea!!!
    oh, young love!!!! ;)

  10. Jenn

    That is so sweet. I love it. The world is a better place because of these happy posts!

  11. becca

    Those logs, and tent! Oh my gosh I love you.

    Coolest girl i know.
    (Your cool too, Josh!)

  12. this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen…but i have to ask…where’d you get that cute green blanket. i’ve been looking for something similar :)

  13. Michelle

    Impressive. You have some very cool ideas…Obviously you went to a school like Juilliard. Your manor of dress is also very specific and cool. I wish I went to Juilliard.

  14. Brittany

    You two are so fun. I want to be in your marriage!

  15. Brittany

    (OK, I guess it’s too late to take back my comment since I already hit post. I didn’t mean for it to sound nasty- which I’m thinking it does now- SORRY. I just meant I want to hang out with you guys, or maybe model my future marriage after you two. Anyway…)

  16. Anonymous

    Why are you two so creative and fun? Do you ever rest?

  17. Sarah

    Totally in love with you two. Huge follower now, LOVES IT!

  18. M.

    Can’t get over what a beautiful couple you make. I have spent almost an hour gawking at my computer screen reading some of your older entries and obsessing over your great photos.

  19. Reading your blog makes people happy. I just love it. I’m really glad that Joanna is spreading the word :)

  20. Dad

    We will be creating some nice tents at Christmas during your visit. We even hung a rope in the TV room to make it easier.

    The joy of past tents, presents tents, and future tents!


  21. shill

    love all the shots!!!adorable :)

  22. Meg

    its official. you’re famous.

  23. Christina

    Hi Naomi!

    Love this post. Your life looks fabulous.


  24. Anonymous

    Weekend goals: Buy some pretty dresses and red lipstick so I can look as cool as Naomi. Build a tent like this one with my boyfriend (force him to do it) so I can feel as cool as Naomi.

  25. j.

    urban, really? i have looked online, but i haven’t been in for a while. i will have to start checking in. thanks so much, you are too sweet! happy turkey day!

  26. how cute are you two? Love!!!!

  27. Anonymous

    totally rockstar.

  28. good grief featured on glamour!?! you are officially famous! how do you do it??

    ps this is all very awesome :]

  29. wow, that’s just about the most adorable thing I’ve seen – e v e r.

  30. I still can’t get over this.

    Also, I want my creative artsy friend back on my coast. I need you…