because he is really good at cuddling. and he brings me treats.

husband and i had a slight miscommunication last night about what time we were meeting up for dinner.

needless to say, we didn’t have dinner together {so much for cell phones, schedules, meeting places. sometimes we’re lame.}
but he did walk through the door last night with some lovely flowers, and a little grocery bag of all my favorite treats.
it was very unexpected. and i was delighted.
so in honor of thanksgiving this week, i am thankful for husband. he’s my favorite person ever. and i love him.
  1. Josh is so wonderful. Flowers and treats for the wife? Nice. I’m sure there were plenty of swedish fish in that grocery bag, Yes?

    I am also thankful for my husband. They are just wonderful. I should probably tell him sometime.

  2. Wow…You have such a lovely blog! I am in love with it! haha. Your husband is amazing! ;)

  3. Katy

    Such a good husband! Love the photobooth pics!

  4. Carolyn

    You guys take the cutest pictures together (and seperate for that matter)

  5. aaaaw. the photobooth pictures are just too cute!! love the glasses =) and it’s always sweet when someone buys you a bag of your favorite treats!!


  6. Anonymous

    LOVE this blog. You two are so inlove and amazing.

  7. Shug

    What a keeper!

  8. Sarah

    So thoughtful of your husband.

    JOSH!! you score big points and make boyfriends and other husbands step it up.

  9. Michelle

    Way to work the photobooth and look so HOT. You two are cool.

  10. Rach

    wow i seriously wouldn’t mind being just like you when i grow up. you guys are adorable and i really appreciate the example you show about how great marriages still can be. thanks for allowing me to blog stalk you, its the best ever :)

  11. Anonymous

    This is why your marriage works. You both really appreciate one another. So inspiring.

  12. Hairica

    Your life is perfect.
    You are a beauty.
    You are married to a charming husband forever.
    You lucky gal :]