baby steps, lovely faces & edward.

i went to juilliard yesterday.
and by that, i don’t mean walking by 65th and broadway… 
i mean i actually went inside.
walked in, went to a performance, saw and chatted with all the faculty and students, made my way down familiar hallways and actually hung out inside a dance studio. 
oh my gosh i can’t tell you how my heart was pounding when i stepped into the lobby.
but i did it.
i swear that place can do things to you by just being in its proximity 
{good and bad}. 
call me crazy, but you’ll just be right.
it sounds so silly, right?
but i’m so proud of myself. baby steps, you know…
{these people made it easier. i told sarah before walking in that she wasn’t to leave my side at anytime.}
and then we went and saw it.
and i sort of loved it. {yes, do judge. i’m ready for it.}
but meg laughed the whole time.
and sarah added commentary through the entire film.
and collin, well- he actually hadn’t read the books prior so he was just there for moral support.
i think the best part was being in the company of my dear friends.
how i love them.
{and the construction at juilliard is looking beautiful. just walk into the lobby. it’s lovely.}
  1. You liked it? I couldn’t get past all the cheesy stuff. I was hoping for more.

    I am so proud of you girl for going inside! Haha. I remember the good and bad while you were there. I still have such extreme respect and admiration for you for being so talented and getting into that school in the first place, let alone completing the 4 years there. Gosh, you are still my number 1 celebrity fan. I know you hate that, but you aree. I donno anyone as creative and talented and beautiful and STYLISH!!!

    So good for you. I love you.

  2. P.S. I read about your friend Collin. He’s in Equus right? With Harry Potter? Can you tell him I LOVE him?

  3. Anonymous

    i can’t believe you went to julliard. crazy. how was it? what was it like? lol sorry i am curious. thats so cool. reminds me of so you think you can dance on tv. i love that show.

  4. Carolyn

    I love your flower sweater with the cool stitching on top!

  5. Emily

    i’m so relieved to find that a fellow blogger that i admire went to see twilight. after developing quite the literary crush on edward cullen, i figured i owed it to myself to go to the movie with a girlfriend. i even considered dressing in converse and a hooded sweatshirt to blend in with all the teenagers in the theater. but you’re right, the best part was being with my friend and watching a fun movie.

  6. i still haven’t seen twilight yet.. but i am really anxious about it. not that i’ve read the book but about the whole buzz around it and how apparently it’s making big bucks as well.

    ps. you look adorable, as always!


  7. Sarah

    Wasn’t edward so fine?

    You always look just radiant.

  8. Em & Gar

    I am so glad there is one other person on the earth but me that liked it.
    Also, someday I want a tour of Juilliard, with you. Something I greatly look forward to.


  9. Meg

    1.its official–i want your camera–the pictures turn out better. period. maybe its because you’re taking them.

    2.i can’t believe you went inside. maybe one day I’ll go with you. in like 10 years. just kidding, more like 5.

    3. sorry I laughed, but seriously I had the best time with you guys lets do it again soon!

  10. Anna

    I remember an experience like that. I forced Julia B. never to leave me alone with a faculty member! Ever!!

    Glad you had a good experience.

    Oh my gosh, Twilight…it was like watching a total romance novel! (I never read the book.)
    And my 12 year old nieces are reading it! They’re reading a steamy romance novel!! Well, I suppose it wasn’t THAT steamy. Speaking of steamy…Robert Pattinson is a hottie (can you believe he’s only like 22 or something?) Me-ow!

  11. Michelle

    there’s a $3 theater in my neighborhood and I’m already awaiting Twilight’s showing there. That way I can get friends to go with me because right now I’m having a bit of trouble haha.