1. Natalie*

    you’re zoobies.

  2. Shug

    What is Josh on top of?

  3. Meg

    ooohhh fun…I almost got that skirt from Anthro, but didn’t look nearly as good on me. PS: i love the Halloween colors you’re blog’s got going on. PPS: I’ve been babysitting for a few different people, but mostly this 2 month old on the UWS, its really great (most of the time) and thanks for thinking I’m a good writer. I just read your blog and your friends and model my style after you all

  4. Sarah

    I love the matchy thing you two do!

  5. Brittany

    So I was having lunch at Cafe Rio with some girls from school and they started asking how I know you from my blog… They could basically quote you they love you so much. I felt very cool. Thanks for making me cool.

  6. Cheryl

    I wish my husband were into matching outfits.I love this idea.

  7. hi naomi.
    i found your blog through a friend of mine from high school, natalie hill.

    love your blog, and you style is to die for.

    just wanted to say hi!

  8. Rachel


    first, you don’t know me, but your husband does! I use to be one of the rugrats running around NY…sadly I don’t live there anymore. sigh. but your blog helps me feel a little better about since you two are enjoying it so much.

    you are darling. thanks for sharing yourself and life.

    question: do you have a action to crop w/ rounded corners. I can’t find an easy way in PS. can I have your secret?