1. becca

    i know we don’t know each other, but i love your blog.

  2. becca

    This photo is awesome.
    What are your plans for thanksgiving? Will you be in Utah at all? I want to see you!

  3. becca

    lots of beccas commenting on your blog.

    yes, i got tickets to the show. it was great. i would have said something to you, but it maybe would have been weird.

    i’m in salt lake city now. i left new york in july to go to china and then salt lake. i missed this place. now i miss nyc. a conundrum.

  4. This is really precious. I wish my husband loved taking pictures as much as I do.

  5. Cheryl

    You always have the greatest pictures!

  6. your pictures are just amazing.

    tell me. tell me.

    what are you shooting with? what are your post-production techniques?

    i wanna be a photographer like you two.

  7. malia

    this is so cute! i love it!

  8. Great blog Naomi! You two remind me of Love Story in this pic.