three reasons why i love my life.

1. i have carolyn and sumaya as friends.
2. they go into baby clothing boutiques with me and oooh and awww like i do.
3. i had bacon and pancakes at 3pm today!
{really though, these girls are the greatest.}

  1. Carolyn

    oh nay nay. thank you!!!! yes yes the pancakes and bacon were superb. i really love days like these… and wish we could dance forever in front of sweet looking buses.

  2. this is FABULOUS!!! you guys are fabulous!!! I dig The Thriller tribute lol

    LOVE your stylish outfits too. Cheers to great friends to spend great days with.

    Nice to meet you too :)
    I feel special that a ROCK STAR commented my little blog. aw, visit often? xo

  3. baby clothes, eh?

    already miss you.

  4. Sarah

    Baby Clothes! I love them too! I bet the shops in nyc are way better though for those. And pancakes sound so good.

  5. Oh my…what a cute group of friends you 3 make!

  6. lar

    this video made me kinda sad. i used to have friends like that but now everyone is "grown up". boo!