sometimes i can scare myself silly.

last night i woke up because i heard something. i got up and walked around the apartment with a flashlight. i’m pretty certain something was trying to get into our place through the air conditioner hooked up to the window. 

then, as i was going back to bed the computer turned on all by itself. i put it to sleep and got into bed. 5 seconds later it was on again all on its own.
and while i was doing yoga in my apartment this morning someone knocked on my fire escape window! this is the second time someone has hung out on my fire escape and tried to get my attention. {i totally held my breath and pretended i wasn’t home. although i’m pretty sure they could see my shadow through the curtains. i could see theirs.} 
and then today i was looking through some of the applications on my computer and i had no idea she was capable of these sorts of effects in photos!

isn’t it creepy? 
happy october.
  1. WHO was on your fire escape??!! My heart totally stopped. That is scary. You don’t seem too worked up about it, I guess you’re used to it living in NYC.

    I also love you have found your love for yoga finally and are running with it.

    You still look hot in those “creepy” photos.

  2. Natalie*

    sister, you’ve got yourself a ghost.

  3. Em & Gar

    k i would probably have peed my pants and called 911 if someone was on my fire escape!!! who was that???

  4. we’ve called 911 before to report things but nothing happens. seriously.

    so yeah. i decided holding my breath and closing my eyes should do the trick. and i’m still living, so all is good.

    p.s. emily bybee!! how are you??

  5. I’m glad the fire escape didn’t get any scarier! You are probably the only person who could be in those pictures and still look great. Happy October to you too!

  6. Ashley

    I love the fun photo applications on apples…I can sit for hours laughing my head off taking shots. Glad you weren’t attacked by some weirdo. Time to get a tazer.