so good.

loved general conference this past weekend. 

loved getting to watch it with husband in the comfort of our apartment.
loved the announcement of 5 new temples around the world!
loved all the wonderful, inspiring and encouraging talks by our church leaders.
loved taking walks in the park with husband in between sessions.
loved our ladies night out while our husbands attended the priesthood session saturday night.

{the women in the harlem 1st ward are simply fabulous.}
  1. Your friends are beautiful. I swear only beautiful people can live in New York.
    I am so excited for the temples! Was Josh happy about Rome?

  2. OK- so my comments won’t go through. I don’t know what is going on. But your friends are beautiful. And i loved conference too!

  3. Sarah

    I want your dress. Where do you shop lady? It looks great in all the photos.

  4. The picture was taken with my fisheye lens camera, which is in the family of the holga. I bought them together. It doesn’t do color flashes, thats just how it turned out. It was a lucky pic!
    Don’t you love holgas/pictures/cameras/everything that has to do with them!??!
    I love looking at your blog and your amazing pics.
    Your holgas are FABULOUS. I don’t really know how to use mine all that much. I just play around with. I haven’t tried the tape trick yet. I need to though!
    Get your pics developed and post them so I can see them!
    heart you!

  5. so fun. can’t wait to do it again soon! xx

  6. YES! Let’s go again. Love this picture of all of us.