she’s coming baaaack!

as if my monday couldn’t have gotten any better
{it was such a wonderful, beautiful and busy day in the city},
i stopped by the MoMA on my way home…
…and while i’m not dissing the MoMA {seriously, kirchner, van gogh and new photography ’08– my fav- are all there right now}, i couldn’t contain my excitement when i saw this sign:do you remember how crazy i was over her last exhibition at the museum? 
*i vividly remember trying to down play my excitement when i took husband to see this back when we were first dating in 06. i wasn’t sure he’d appreciate it or my enthusiasm over her {perhaps it was a test} but he loved it too {so i guess he passed}- 
…and maybe that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we got married. 
{and yes, i am aware pipilotti does some weird stuff, i know i know. 
but you have to admit she is a genius and i love her work.} 
{can you see me looking at some of the new photography exhibit? 
it was pretty cool, i might add.}
  1. Sarah

    Naomi, you are so cool. Look at you walking around a museum in heels. Why you always gotta look so good?! Yeah, I’ve heard of this Pipilotti you talk of, and I’m jealous you get to have the MOMA in your backyard.

    How was Van Gogh’s colors of the night? Very jealous.

  2. Jordan

    I want to go to the MoMa!

  3. The artist seems really great. I love what you wrote about you and Josh and the artist. I felt the same way about Dan but with deep dish pizza!

  4. Karen

    Hi Naomi,
    I would love to meet you. You seem so personable and fun. I love your photos and life. I am living vicariously through you… from southern California. Maybe in my next life I can be you.
    Take care,

  5. Karen

    And I too, love the heels!

  6. I love Pipilotti Rist too!

  7. Carolyn

    Ms. Rist Ms. Rist!

    I believe Naomi and I are coming to see you soon.

    oh man i really can’t wait