1. Ashley

    Homemade pizza with war paint? I’m in. Too bad my husband isn’t up for it.

    Again, great post.
    Hope you don’t mind my lurking.

  2. Sarah

    nay nay i miss you!

  3. so fun! That pizza looks YUMMY. I want a slice!

  4. becca

    love you too!

  5. Thais

    ooo I love homemade pizza! Tyler makes amazing homemade pizza dough, and I can’t bake to save my life. So he makes pizza and I watch. :)

    Looks yummy!

  6. Meg

    can i shadow you for a day and figure out how to live my life more like you?

  7. that pizza looks yum-o!

  8. becca

    oh my goodness! how cute are you with flour on your face. nice pizza!!

  9. becca

    oh- and since you have a few Becca’s commenting here, this is Becca Russell.

  10. that pizza looks delicious!
    you are making me hungry from your posts!


  11. SHILL

    delish!!!aaw, how cute are the two of you really :)

  12. Meikel

    It is so great that you commented on my blog, because I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, I love it, and I love your polaroids : )

  13. jen

    pizza night with my love is the best.

  14. Anonymous

    where do you buy your polaroid film?

  15. I found your blog this week, and I just wanted to say that your happy posts and gorgeous pictures made me happy too :)

  16. Homeade pizza–so good. And it’s not just the face paint that impresses me. Josh is cooking that pizza wearing a hat and a scarf. and his jacket? Is he still wearing hs jacket?

  17. I’m with Rebecca, the hat and scarf. so cool. What is it with you two? Always doing crazy cool things and always lookin Good!

  18. Jenn

    Coming out of lurkdom (like everyone else) to say hi, so you have one less stalker to worry about (actually blogged about your blog a while back, too.)

    You guys are such a cute couple. So young and so in love! It’s great.

  19. Em & Gar

    I’m so glad you said where you get your polaroid film. We got one for our wedding but I have been wanting to save it because we have so little film.

  20. em-
    they aren’t making polaroid film anymore, so you should buy as much as you can now– stalk up. before it’s all gone. it lasts pretty well in your fridge. the rest of ours expires next august but we’re just going to pretend we didn’t see the expiration date and save some for after that.

    polaroids are amazing. go use yours!
    and tell garrett hello for me!