perhaps the #1 reason why i love my friends.

1. when walking by an old vw van on perry street in the village, they see it as an opportunity just as much as i do. impromptu improv dance jam on the street? yes. yes. ok. 1.2.3. go.

and here comes the sillier stuff….

i know i’ll probably regret having posted these videos later. we are obvious dorks…
…so just incase any dance faculty at juilliard happen to see this, i’d just like to say thank you for my training. as you can see, its come in handy. 


  1. Carolyn


    improv jams are the best.

    especially when they’re with your best friends

  2. This is why I love my Naomi.

    I laughed and laughed. Even the second time. Your outfit is to die for. I need a bomber.

  3. Cheryl

    Why are you and your friends so cute??

  4. Meg

    brilliant, so, so brilliant. and on the side of the bus is an illustration from OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO–the best Dr. Seuss Book ever (and very apt for the three of you)

  5. that was AWESOME. seriously. that’s the reason you go to julliard.

  6. you are so cute i can hardly stand it. if i could live another life i would be a dancer like you.

  7. That was very entertaining on a Saturday night while Cody is at priesthood session…actually it would be very entertaining anytime! Love the impromptu dance concert and freedom to be crazy be with friends. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Meg

    okay, I put you on my google reader a while back and I like being a silent looker, but this was too good to not leave a comment! HOW COOL WAS THAT! I’m pretty sure that my husband would DIE if I did something like that, die in a good way like “oh look, she does still know how to have fun.” That was seriously cute and looked like so much fun! Thanks for reminding me to have more fun. That’s good that you’re still dancing, I stopped after high school and really miss it! Anyway, hope you don’t mind my looking, I’m not a freak I promise ;).

  9. Dearest little Nay.

    I want to hug you 8 times and just pinch you twice because you are so cute.

  10. Sarah

    OK. You are my favorite friend. I love you. And I want to spend a day in the city with you and your friends.

    Why can’t I be as cool as you?

  11. Sarah

    Also- I need fashion tips from you. You always look FANTASTIC. Help me! Especially with picking out a new coat for winter? I’m going to send you my urban wish list. You tell me what is in and what I could pull off. Would you mind?

  12. Anonymous

    are those black shorts under your skirt?

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  14. Haha. That shorts under skirt comment is hilarious. Who is that? You, my dear, are one sexy lady! I rolled watching these! Love you.

  15. SG

    Oh Naomi. I just think you should know that watching these video’s made my day! And possibly maybe made me miss moving like a…dancer. Also, when are you coming to DC? I’m coming to NY Nov 13th for my b-day weekend!!!

  16. this is why i love you

  17. Sarah

    Haha! Love those videos!

  18. gower

    hi naomi! i stumbled on your blog awhile back and haven’t left a comment until now. just as one reader mentioned, i am not a freak either, i promise. anyway, you always provide a fresh and fun take on life in nyc, and as a girl living in southern california suburbia, i appreciate your entries! :) this entry is particularly awesome. loved the dancing — makes me wish i could let loose and be as carefree as you and your friends!

  19. Leah

    I’ve never been more jealous.

  20. andrea

    Thanks for the entertainment! Too funny!

  21. thanks for making me smile this morning…you girls are so cute!

  22. Hairica

    This is my favorite.
    My friend and I turn our iPods to the
    same song to play at the exact same time.
    We then begin dancing in the halls at
    school during lunch.
    I definitely recommend trying this.

  23. Katie

    This is my all time favorite post you’ve ever done! LOVE IT! haha

  24. Naomi?
    So cute.
    Love this!

  25. how fun!!! i love it. and dont ever regret puttin gthis up…even a year and a half later:) wish i couldve been there to jam it up!!! how did you guys record it? i love it!

  26. Oh wow just came across these videos and really wish I could see them, they look like they would be awesome :)