happy birthday.

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{doesn’t issac look so much like him? actually, don’t i look so much like him? it’s scary!!!!} to my dad,  you are 48 years old today. oh my. {you are kinda getting up there. and i hope it’s ok i just published your age…} thank you for being such a good father. thank you for teaching to me ride my bike, for building us that tree house, for driving me to all my ballet lessons, for buying and playing barbies with us {even when you didn’t want to}. ... Read more

chanel handbag art exhibit.

rubi and i tried to go see this today in central park. it’s free and up for a few more weeks {i hadn’t even heard of it, oh to think of all the things i am most likely missing out on in the city everyday- a shame.} we were unaware you need tickets which have been sold out for a while now, but we walked around the space ship and got excited anyway....

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she’s coming baaaack!

as if my monday couldn’t have gotten any better {it was such a wonderful, beautiful and busy day in the city}, i stopped by the MoMA on my way home… …and while i’m not dissing the MoMA {seriously, kirchner, van gogh and new photography ’08– my fav- are all there right now}, i couldn’t contain my excitement when i saw this sign:do you remember how crazy i was over her last exhibition at the museum? ... Read more