new york’s #1 cheesecake.

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josh took me out on a date saturday night to brooklyn to have some of new york’s finest cheesecake at junior’s, which has been rated #1 in cheesecake in new york {and the world}!
we were only able to eat a few bites– so rich!– which is saying a lot about its goodness since you know i never leave a crumb on my plate when it comes to desserts.
so we have lots of leftovers in our fridge.
the chocolate mousse cheesecake was incredible.

thank you husband for taking me out. i love you.
and a video for you.
“the vanishing/disappearing/where’d-it-go/magic cheesecake.”
by husband.
  1. no way, I had Junior’s cheesecake when I went to New York for Spring Break! it was seriously the best! wanna fed-ex some to Florida?

  2. Kelly

    what lipstick do you have on? it’s beautiful! i’m craving cheesecake now!

  3. Natalie*

    for reals?

    i love carnegie.

    loving that lipstick, sister.

    miss you too much!

  4. cheri

    Oh my goodness! That cheesecake looks fabulous.I also love your yellow coat with the blue showing. That is my favorite color combo!

  5. SHILL

    yummiliscious!!!!this post of yours makes my mouth waters.oh, and that picture of you in the floral top and red lips is simply adorable :)

  6. Thais

    Hi Naomi,

    I found your blog from

    I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts and you guys are too cute! My hubby and I were thinking about moving to NYC next summer because I’ll be graduating nursing school. I was wondering if you could kind of inform us on cost of living since this will be a huge weight on whether we actually do it or not! :) Thank you so much!

  7. oh no!!
    i think you have just made me crave for cheesecake for the rest of the week!!

    note to self: must find cheesecake.

    ps. the video of the disappearing cheesecake is too cute!

    love, sb

  8. jessica

    OMG you guys are so adorable just discovered your blog yesterday on a cold wet english day!!!
    you brightened it up

    ps love your hats X

  9. Cheryl

    You have the most beautiful hats/ dresses/ lipsticks! I have heard of this cheesecake. Oh well, the cheesecake factory will have to do until I can eventually make it out to the big apple!

    Your husbands video is a RIOT!

  10. great video. I want to try some of the world’s best cheesecakes! Do they mail it to CA?

  11. lipstick is the viva glam line by mac cosmetics. i could swear the color is called brick but i could be wrong.

    and yes- juniors ships! all over. go to the website.

  12. Sarah

    You are absolutely beautiful. I just can’t get over how STUNNING and photogenic you are. Teach me.

  13. Haha! Oh Josh- that video is priceless. Naomi- you are always lookin HOT!

  14. Jamie

    Hi Naomi!

    You have a great blog. I love everything about it.


  15. Mmmmmm… I LOVE juniors cheesecake! The Brooklyn one is THE BEST! Looks like you guys had a fun night- good date idea Josh ;)

  16. jiscilla

    I’m new to your blog and I’m already in love with it!

    I love your fun lil’ trips, days, and photo seshes with your hubby. Adorbs.

  17. steal away my far away friend. We’ll just give each other ideas, cause heaven knows you have fabulous ones!

    oh and that dress was from Banana. I bet you have it or have something like it because we tend to have a lot of the same things! :)

    you are beyond adorable!

  18. this is so not good…I am now craving cheesecake before breakfast! Oh and just so you know…I love this blog…will be back soon. xo

  19. you have to be the cutest couple on earth. Always doing such fun things and NEVER lookin dull.

    And I have had cheesecake on my mind since you posted this Sunday. Can i come over and have those left overs/?

  20. Jennifer

    Adorable blog.

  21. Shug

    I just watched that video and can’t stop laughing. It’s so simple, but it’s hilarious. you two rock!

  22. becca

    Sounds yummy. And I love your yellow coat!

    nice video Josh!

  23. Shaylee

    Awesome blog. You guys should win an award for all your cute posts and photos. You are obviously very in love and I can’t stand it. So precious.

    Thanks for maknig my day! :)

  24. hi naomi,

    i came across your blog through the blog a little sussy and had to come check it out since we share the same name. i fell in love right away, you and your hubby seem so much in love and you guys are really cute! i hope you don’t mind me stopping by at times. i linked your blog from my blog, i hope that was okay. if you’d rather not, just let me know by leaving a comment on my blog at hope you come and visit me sometime.

    have a great evening,

  25. i just discovered rockstar diaries and i am kind of in love with your life. if you’ve noticed an irrational amount of reading from mesa, az on your sitemeter, it’s probably me. and all my friends. and my co-workers. you two are that cute. thanks for letting me live my dream vicariously thru you slash your blog.

  26. ashley

    Hello Rockstar diary Loves,

    You have a killer blog. Spent the last hour sifting through your great posts. I love all of it.


  27. Firstly, these desserts look evilly delicious and now you have me craving sweets.

    More importantly, I stumbled on your blog today and just wanted to say that it’s adorable. Love your style and bangs and the in-love-ness of you and your hubby. So refreshing to see such happy lovely people!