my love/ hate relationship.

dear new york,
i really do love everything about you. i do.
but that doesn’t mean i’m not entitled to have my doubts about what we’re still doing here and thoughts about the other life we could be living if we were out west {or anywhere but manhattan}. 
the cheaper life, the life with more square feet and space, the life with a backyard and possibly an extra cupboard or closet, the life closer to our families, the life with costco chicken-bake sandwiches and einstein chocolate chip bagels, the life without train delays and husband working until 10:30 at night. 
that life, you know? yeah… that life. 


{i love this song by lcd soundsystem. don’t know how much i love this clip, but they are amazing and this song is one of my favorites.}

  1. Stacey

    yes I do believe you should come live in utah!

  2. Sarah

    Didn’t know you liked LCD SoundSysterm- (but of course you do, you’re naomi!) They are my favorite.

    And come back to Ut! I’ll buy you a chicken-bake to celebrate!

  3. Come to Costco with me. I’ll buy you a chicken-bake. And while we’re in the car…we’ll find an eisterins (are they back east?) drive and look at all big houses with yards and gardens and imagine. Then we’ll come back to the city, get cupcakes, burgers, and do all the things that you can ONLY do in NY. xoxo

  4. Dear Stranger Naomi,

    When you are 34 and have four children and live in a big house with lots of square footage and a big lawn that needs mowing, you will relish every moment of that city life that you now love, but sometimes hate.

    And you will not regret one minute, as long as you don’t leave it too soon.

    bisous, La Vie est Belle