1. Oooh, I love me some baklava! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love your pictures!

  2. I LOVE that store. Love the mural outside – love their hot chocolate love their little colorful cookies. I need to try their baklava.

  3. Caroline

    Hi Naomi,
    Your blog is simply beautiful. I love the images, style and design of all your posts. You and your husband seem like really good people I’d like to know.
    Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

  4. Sarah

    Oooh I love the little grocery list by the tea cup! And I wish I lived near a Hungarian Pastry shop!

  5. mmmmm… i love baklava! We’ll have to try this little place out!

  6. if i go to new york again at the end of the year, i’ll have to jot down the places you mention on your blog..
    they all look like such nice and cosy places!

  7. ooo…I love the Hungarian pastry shop, I live right around the corner from it. I don’t go there enough.

    You and your husband are adorable. Love your photos!

  8. I love the pastry shop as well. Though I admit, everything–be it the Brooklyn Bridge, the pastry shop, or pumpkins, looks about ten times cooler when you are the one documenting it. It’s like a false reality–because I’m going to go to the pastry shop and be really confused that it doesn’t look the way it looks in your pictures…that I’m not wearing a cute hat, etc.

  9. these photos are lovely!

  10. Hungarian pastry?In United States? That's fantastic! I'm from nyíregyháza, hungary. We are a very little country with lovely culture. I am so happy that you likes this shop!:)