happy birthday.

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{doesn’t issac look so much like him? actually, don’t i look so much like him? it’s scary!!!!}

to my dad
you are 48 years old today. oh my. {you are kinda getting up there. and i hope it’s ok i just published your age…}
thank you for being such a good father.
thank you for teaching to me ride my bike, for building us that tree house, for driving me to all my ballet lessons, for buying and playing barbies with us {even when you didn’t want to}. 
thank you for taking us camping all the time, for making the best paella, for teaching me to drive stick shift and love burnt bacon, for not getting mad when i ruined the saab bumper. 
thank you for all our daddy daughter dates {tommy’s hot dogs in provo especially}.
thank you for taking care of me when i got all my wisdom teeth taken out {even though you took all those photos of me sleeping with my chipmunk mouth open} and for pushing me around in a shopping cart at maceys afterwards. 
thank you for having dance parties with your daughters in the living room {to this day i haven’t seen a better robot than yours.}
thank you for not letting me give up 72 hours before the deadline of when my juilliard application was due {do you remember that thanksgiving weekend? when i broke down and said i couldn’t do it because i was afraid i’d be rejected and i couldn’t take anymore rejection?} thanks to your advice, support, help and love –and maybe fed ex over night shipping–, we got that thing in on time and i have a degree from juilliard.
thank you for bringing flowers into my rehearsal in utah when i got the phone call from juilliard which changed my life forever. {i’ll never forget when you did that.} 
thank you for staying up until 4am building shelves for my first nyc apartment.
thank you for emailing me funny jokes and pictures daily. 
thank you for always bearing your testimony and taking the time to have important conversations with me about all my questions and our faith. 
thank you for always being there for our family, always putting family first- even when work was so busy.
thank you for your hard work, for providing for our family, and supporting me through college. 
thank you for teaching me to laugh at life and have fun. 
thank you for wearing your juilliard baseball cap everywhere rather than your BYU stuff. {and even when i’m embarrassed about it, for being so proud of me and telling everyone.}
i love you so much, dad.
happy birthday. 

{my mom and dad back in the day. i love this photo.}
  1. today is stanton’s dads birthday too! happy birthday dads!

  2. SHILL

    you got me all teary, what a sweet sweet post :)happy birthday to your amazing dad!!!

  3. Well this post blew all birthday posts out of the water! Your dad surely has lots to be proud about! Raising you! You’re incredible.

    Happy birthday Naomi’s dad!

  4. P.S. Yes, yes. You two are twins! Cannot get over how much you resemble your father.

  5. Jewels

    Your dad seems so sweet. And this post is really thoughtful. Your family appears to be very cool, too. happy birthday.

  6. Jessica

    You’re quite a blessed girl with a father who did so many things for you. Sadly, I can’t say that I have that.

  7. j.

    So, I stumbled upon your blog from the sussy link. Just had to tell you that I love it. The words & the photos alike. Felt like I should leave a comment, so I wasn't a full fledged blog stalker.

    Thanks for the laughs, you guys are darling together.

  8. i love old photos, & memories of good daddy's.

  9. Amber

    I just found your blog from…I don’t remember but, it’s super cute! I moved to LA to dance right after high school and met my husband here. Anyways just wanted to say hi and that I enjoy your blog!

  10. just stumbled across your blog, it is AWESOME! keep it up!!! sweet post too!

    oh and I must have the Arabic Mcdonald’s t-shirts!

  11. Heather/OneShotBeyond

    all smiles for this beautiful tribute to your dad on his special day!

  12. Kristin

    I don’t even know you, but I just cried over your tribute to your Dad. I hope my husband can do that for MY kids. I envy your relationship. Cute blog – thanks for keeping it public so the rest of us can lurk and drool.

  13. Nigel

    wow..that a was gorgeous nay!!! he should be proud to have helped create someone so expresive and beautiful!

  14. Rock It

    omg this made me cry…i wish my dad was so loving and caring…you are so very lucky.