first aid kit.


about two months ago, carolyn sent me this youtube video
{she’s always finding the best stuff}.
i think i’ve watched it almost every day since then
and have also fallen in love with fleet foxes.
but it’s these two sisters from sweden, who call themselves first aid kit,
that really get to me. pure talent. watch out for them.
we are obsessed.
  1. Wow. That song really is beautiful. I can’t believe it.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. kd-m

    Just found your blog via cup of jo. & Love it, I posted a little note on my blog about you because I have a little blog-crush! ( and this video is just so purty I don't know what to do with myself! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous

    They are really good.

  4. Emily

    um wow. i’m officially obsessed. i’m torn between jealous of their voices, their clothes and simply adoring them. thanks for this!!!

  5. Sarah

    oh yea i can sing like that too.
    just kidding.

    but you can dance like that. i’m jealous of you AND them.

  6. becca

    You and your friends always find the coolest things! I LOVE what I’ve heard so far of these two girls. definitely going to check them out. Thanks Naomi!

  7. Carolyn

    yay!!! i’m so glad you’re still listening to them… because i am too! hahaha

  8. Em & Gar

    They totally remind me of the boo-boos. Loved it.

  9. haha, they remind me a little bit of the boo-boos too!

  10. cara.

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  11. thank you for posting this video! I looove Fleet Foxes and this cover melted me. you are lovely!