1. oh I love the I heart NY. How clever.
    You guys look like you had fun!

  2. Meg

    i love you so so so much and am so glad you’re back loving the city (me to). PS: that photos with josh between the two pumpkins is hilar! and why you gotta be so gorgeous?!

  3. Anonymous

    I am positive New York City took you back! Apology accepted with such a cute blog post. I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you.

  4. Joanna

    What fun. Your blog is lovely.

  5. Brittany

    Your pumpkins are HOT! Good job little Davis family!

  6. SHILL

    cool carvings! love your blog!

  7. Andrea

    We’re carving pumpkins tonight/ Your photos are getting me in the mood/ Cool ideas! Graet Blog!

  8. love the pumpkins! I love carving them!!!!! you two are so cute. We need to play when youre in town next and have out husbands meet…they seem a lot alike. muah!

  9. Anonymous

    where is your shirt from?

  10. pumpkins are already in the plan for this week!
    we live in arizona, no fair, its was 92 degrees today. i used to live in maryland. hopefully someday i can get back to the east side. someday….

  11. sharon

    i love your shirt and awesome blog

  12. cutest pumpkins ever!!
    and ps. i still can’t get over your awesome fringe.

  13. too awesome an idea to "apologize" to New York with the famous "I heart NY". You are clever & fun my dear. :)

  14. Emily

    love these! your blog is great btw. would you like to trade links?

  15. oh, you guys are too cute!

  16. SMR

    Hey, just wanted to say I love the blog and got weirded out by the Regina lyric on the front page – I’ve been singing that song for about two days to myself!

    Happy hallowe’en!


  17. Annie

    yay I love that NY pumpkin, cool idea!