1. These are wonderful pictures! Naomi – you look great in pink. And grimaldi’s is always amazing. Love these adventures.

  2. The pizza looks fabulous. You and Josh are always picture perfect and your thursday looks amazing!

  3. Natalie*

    you’re impossibly cool.

    i miss grimaldis!!!!!

  4. becca

    I STILL want to be you!!!!

  5. Jordan

    Hi Naomi and Josh,
    Without sounding like a total creep, I am officially obsessed with your blog. I found it through A Little Sussy and such a joy. You two are great. Keep up the awesome posts.

  6. Robin

    i’m pretty much a stalker too. but not in a creepy way.
    i promise . . .
    just love the blog.

  7. Gen

    You have such beautiful dresses. Thrift store finds? Designer vintage? Your style is enviable!

  8. these pics are the BEST!! I just love the bridge- definitely worth the polaroids! You two are so cute- we had so much fun last night! Its morning time and I’m actually craving a shroom burger and shake- i’m so gross right now!….

  9. Anonymous

    Hi hi hi! OK, I know your husband. Well, I sort of knew him, through the singles wards in the city many years ago… So I was randomly stalking blogs and I was looking at this one thinking how awesome you both are for over an hour (oh yes, you could call me a stalker!!1) before I realized I’ve met Josh before. We had lots of mutual friends in 8th and Union Square 3. Oh boy, he got himself a good one! You are just beautiful and have impeccable style and taste. And your photos are great. You look really in love and I’m so happy he found you1!

    OK, bye!

  10. Anonymous

    Oh, P.S. My name is Lisa!!1

  11. hi.
    i just came across your blog and i love it!
    but i think i love your fringe more than anything else =)
    it’s perfect!!

  12. naomi-
    your adorable. once i stumbled across your “then i danced for husband” post, and emailed it to all my sisters because it was so beautiful. i couldn’t find your blog again, then i saw the link on sussy’s blog. i think your blog is lovely.
    -kate jill.
    p.s. we got married june 8th 2007! husbands are the best, huh?

  13. beautiful polaroids.. sheesh! look at all your comments. great great great.

  14. Great pictures. Nice dress. The lipstick is a great touch.

  15. Alex

    Grimaldi's is fantastic!! Had to wait a long time last time I went there but it was soo worth it!