and some more brooklyn photos…

{we maybe took a lot of photos to document our day…
our apologies if you are bored.}

oh happy day! thank you to husband for taking off work to play with me.  there is no one i’d rather spend all day with.
  1. aww these are sweet!!!!

    Red Lipstick on you= FABULOUS!

  2. Liv

    random ? — what lipstick do you wear? i want to try being bold like you :)

  3. my red lipstick is Mac’s red brick. i’m pretty sure it’s called red brick-but if you just go to the store, they can match the best shade for you and your skin tone.

  4. becca

    You seriously look fabulous. So does Josh. Brooklyn looks good too.

  5. Brittany

    You are one sexy lady, Nay. And You two together are perfect!

  6. samantha

    I admit I’ve been a stalker of your blog for sometime, but these photos of Brooklyn made me decide to introduce myself. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorites and even though I’ve only walked it once when in NYC, I can’t wait to do it again./ This time, grabbing pizza and ice cream like you on the other side! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Hope I’m not sounding crazy!

  7. alysha

    hey, I just found your blog. So fun, it definitely makes me miss NYC. I just moved from Brooklyn this year after living there for 6 years. You seem to love it, and you are darling.

  8. Amy

    You have got some seriously cute style! Nice photos.