alice’s tea cup polaroids.

this lovely lady {miss sarah dancing roberts} came in from chicago last week and we had a lil’ reunion of sorts @ alice’s with the girls. 
and now i miss her more than ever. 
she’s one of the silliest and prettiest girls i know.
  1. SHILL

    charming photos!!!those teacups are so very pretty :)and may i say, you both are too!

  2. Sarah

    Another Sarah! Your purple shirt is adorable. Where is it from? Love the polos.

  3. heaven.

    i love your blog Naomi & Josh…
    it's intruiging and charming,
    very cozy and lovely.

    have a blessed weekend.


  4. Sam

    Where is your headband from/? It is beautiful.
    You have lovely taste and style. I love your color selections and vintage look.

    Your friend is beautiful also.

  5. Nigel

    so jealous :)

  6. amy

    oh what lovely photos!