a crepe fix at 12:30 in the morning.

i am probably the biggest nutella fan currently living. 
spoonfuls, people. i eat it by the spoonfuls.
so we were pleasantly surprised saturday evening to find this lovely creperie place in the village on the way home from meg’s party. 

and husband was so tired, but such a good sport for coming out and playing. thank you, husband. i love you.
  1. Sarah

    Mmm. Yummy. I love myself some nutella too! It looks good! Wish we had those sorts of places open at 12:30 in provo.

  2. Oh – did you love it? Would you go back?

  3. This is the place I had mentioned we should go to last SAturday!- so glad you stumbled on it!! It is so yummy! Tiny, but good. I could eat crepes all day long if I had the chance. mmmmmmmmm….

  4. Meg

    not only did we both get crepes–we actually took the same exact photo using our hand to display the crepe making woman! I love it!

  5. rachel

    That place looks really good! If I ever visit you, will you take me there? :)

  6. I wandered by that place a few years ago when pregnant with Morgan and loved it! Any crepe with fruit and nutella is a good idea anytime!