SERiously. This is worse…

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SERiously. This is worse than a splinter, a blister, a cavity, or rug burn. This is worse than low fat ice cream, flat soda, mushy sushi, or raw potatoes. This is worse than rotting mice, poop stuck on your shoe, morning breath, or second hand smoke in your face. This is worse than the subway pulling away just as you swipe your metrocard, than opening up your favorite box of cereal to find only crumbs, than pulling the cookies out of the oven to discover they’re burnt, or finally finding shoes you like only to learn they don’t have them in your size.

SERiously, Naomi. Come home already.
This being apart is really bad….
  1. Josh,

    Thank you for sharing Naomi with us this week. Utah was getting a little dull without her and it was great to see her.

    You are one lucky fella.


  2. tomorrow!

  3. wow that's freaking adorable. you guys are quite the couple :)

    naomi i feel like we are friends and we've yet to speak. blogs rock!

    i think we've got some friends in common, such as the fehlbergs and the smylies?

    anyways i couldn't help but read through all your archives, you're stories and photos are delightful and enchanting.

    <3 k