rain, rain, don’t go away!

we were determined to go out saturday evening regardless of the weather.
severe thunderstorm warnings? no problem. 
pouring rain? puddles 2 feet deep? gushing winds? bring it on.
hurricane watchings? flooded subways? an excuse for rain boots?…..
…oh, yes please.
we didn’t care.
and while we were out, we experienced one of the top rated burgers in nyc at fanelli cafe in soho (apparently the 2nd oldest eating establishment in nyc dated back to 1847). the burgers weren’t our favorite (a big disappointment actually) but we did enjoy splashing around soho afterwards, taking dancing photos and singing in the rain.
*fanelli did have a wonderful chocolate mousse cake for dessert. i’ll give em that.
it’s good to be back in my nyc, with my lover boy.
after a rainy day, nothing smells as good as new york.
  1. I want to go on one of your dates with you guys. You always find good burgers and fun photo spots.

    (and Naomi, I want to see a photo of your matching outfits!)

  2. love the pics. were those done with the wonderful holga?

  3. Brittany

    Tell me about your cameras. I am obsessed with your eye and photog skills.