fashion week- malan breton

you might remember this talented character, designer malan breton, from project runway a few seasons back (most recognizable in my opinion from his ridiculous/ hilarious audition clips).

well, natalie* and i got see his spring 2009 collection on the runway at bryant park this morning. beautiful people, clothing, pieces, stuffed goody bags!, paparazzi, cameras, lights, music….... Read more

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…

go find this truck downtown {3 locations} and experience the finest, all-natural, gourmet ice cream ever from upstate!  {*pistachio was to die for.}

…and it doesn’t hurt to experience this stuff in the best of company, either. maybe it makes the ice cream taste better… i don’t know. ... Read more

i love him.

i don’t know how it happened.  …or what i did to deserve this man. sometimes i think to myself “why in the world did he pick me to marry? of all the girls, of all the times i gave him a reason to leave, of all the good catches out there, why in the world me…..  lamo naomi.” friday, josh bought me my favorite kind of present.... Read more

rain, rain, don’t go away!

we were determined to go out saturday evening regardless of the weather. severe thunderstorm warnings? no problem.  pouring rain? puddles 2 feet deep? gushing winds? bring it on. hurricane watchings? flooded subways? an excuse for rain boots?….. …oh, yes please. we didn’t care. and while we were out, we experienced one of the top rated burgers in nyc at fanelli cafe in soho (apparently the 2nd oldest eating establishment in nyc dated back to 1847).... Read more

SERiously. This is worse…

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SERiously. This is worse than a splinter, a blister, a cavity, or rug burn. This is worse than low fat ice cream, flat soda, mushy sushi, or raw potatoes. This is worse than rotting mice, poop stuck on your shoe, morning breath, or second hand smoke in your face. This is worse than the subway pulling away just as you swipe your metrocard, than opening up your favorite box of cereal to find only crumbs, than pulling the cookies out of the oven to discover they’re burnt, or finally finding shoes you like only to learn they don’t have them in your size....

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