“i need my crayons. i love to …art.”

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one of my favorite clips of isaac.  
can’t you tell he’s my little brother? 
and can’t you tell the past ten years of his life he’s grown up with four older sisters and a mom who sing les miserables, cats, and mama mia all day long? 
he needs to be on a stage.  


  1. Sarah

    Is this from something or his own made up song??!

    …I agree. He needs to be on a stage. I don’t know what it is with your family. You all are so talented.

  2. hahaha that was hilarious! loved it!

  3. Haley

    Um No i don’t know you, but Yes i read your blog because it’s simply blissful.
    and this made me laugh out loud. the roommates are wondering why and i just smile at them and say, My New York Friend. Even though, technically, we’re not friends.

  4. ahhhh!brothers!little bros are the best thing.

  5. lynette

    Brilliant! Definitely a performer :)