i love him.

i don’t know how it happened. 
…or what i did to deserve this man.
sometimes i think to myself “why in the world did he pick me to marry? of all the girls, of all the times i gave him a reason to leave, of all the good catches out there, why in the world me….. 
lamo naomi.”
friday, josh bought me my favorite kind of present.
saturday, josh did the grocery shopping all on his own… 
sunday, josh secretly color coordinated his tie with my outfit perfectly.
sunday night, josh cooked me dinner. 
and then, throughout the night, he listened and comforted me as i lost it. i cried like a baby, sobbing something awful in a slight (almost) quarter life crisis kind of way as i had a very big panic attack about life and my future. 
he just kept handing me rolls of toilet paper for my tears and talking to me, rubbing my back and wiping my nose. 
and even though i was so scared and really going though it, i couldn’t help but silently word, “thank you.”
thank you, husband.
i love love love you.
  1. Beautiful girl,

    He picked you because you are the creme of the crop. You are exceptionally talented, creative, STUNNING, strong, intelligent, giving, etc etc. List goes on! I know you didn’t post this to hear about how great you are, but before I stop I hope you know you are like no other woman I have met. Because of that, I work you into like every conversation I have “my friend Naomi…” “She did this….” “…and went to Julliard”… “…has this really artsy and creative side…” “…maybe you’ve seen her blog…??” …”prettiest family on earth…” …”lives in NY.” I do not kid! People think we’re dating.
    Thanks for your friendship. I’ll pray for you… everything will work out. You’re a super woman!

    And, you and Josh are great together. You deserve him as much as the other way around. Thanks for being wonderful examples to the rest of us.

    I love you Nay!

  2. Sad to hear your sad but happy that you have a great husband to help you through it all. It is always good to remember how blessed you are to have somehow found the right person for you. I was just talking to Cody about the all the coincidences that had to go into our meeting. What a blessing! Oh and love the rainy pictures…too bad about the burger.

  3. becca

    I love you, girl. And you know it.

  4. We love him too. Aren’t we grateful for husbands that talk us down out of our trees when the need arises? Glad you’re back–

  5. Meg

    alright, so what are we gonna do this week to ease the quarter-life-crisis? im always up for more bloomies fro-yo, though im intrigued by this shake shack you keep blogging about (and madison square park is one of my favorite places in the city!) or we could spend the day in nolita and gelato (notice how all my ideas somehow involve ice cream or milkshake?). But seriously let’s get together because my own quarter-life-crisis needs a friend. My latest fear…that deep down in a very dark place I hate NY. Actually hate it.

  6. Brittany

    Your husband truly does seem amazing, but so are you. I don’t know a couple better fit for one another than you two. You obviously add a lot to each other and compliment one another perfectly.

    So glad he is there for you and you for him.
    I love this blog!

  7. Aren’t we lucky to have husbands to help us through the waves of this life? And good, handsome, funny, tie-matching husbands at that. You two are doing great things, that’s for sure. And a happy marriage is one of the greatest. mmmm sunday dinner looks delicious!

  8. Leah

    We’ll aren’t you sweet! Thanks so much for your kind words. You seem like such a fun person, and I may like you even more because Naomi is infact, my middle name! I’m enjoying your photography as well. Has a raw element in it that I’d like to work in more into my stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. sad day and wonderful husband! You deserve him every bit and he deserves you- you two are so incredible cute and perfect for each other! He is wonderful to you and I have no doubt that you give it right back to him. I’m so glad you met each other and made your adorable life together!

    but to make you feel a little better- I did get a couple “stickies” for you guys from work today! i could only get you 2, i’m working on more though. Stop by any time or we’ll bring them to you. =)

    glad we’re in the hood! xx

  10. love you girl! you two are an amazing couple.

  11. We’ve all been there. Thanks for the kind words regarding my photography (believe it or not, a year ago I had my own very similar what-am-i-doing-with-myself crisis!). The photos you post on here are the reason I stop in so often – if all else fails… be a photographer!

  12. Natalie*

    why would he pick you?

    you couldn’t be more fabulous, stylish, interesting, talented, artistic, fun, spontaneous, supportive, beautiful, hard working,and wonderful in every way.

    and you’ll figure it out.

    i had that meltdown today… but i handed myself toiletpaper and stellie licked my leg.

    we’re gonna figure it out… things could be worse…. you could be heidi montag…..

  13. Hey Naomi!

    Guess what? I feel like i know you too! Are you going to be in Utah again sometime soon? I’d love to photograph you (with our without josh)..

    Let me know!


  14. Such a sweet post. You two are perfect for each-other. I’m very impressed by Josh. That dinner looks amazing. And I am very impressed by you. Whatever you decide to do with the rest of your life, you will succeed and be happy.

  15. and there it is! Emotional connections like this are what life is all about. I’m so happy to hear how he comforted you and how he thinks of all the little details and puts them into play for your uplifting.

    Don’t question his choices…cherish them and give him back (I know you do)the same. He deserves it!

    Interesting timing on your “life” questions…I’m with you and so are many others at this time.

  16. Sarah

    I couldn’t agree more. Your husband sounds so sweet! And I hope you’re feeling better (by the looks of the fashion show pictures, you seem better!)