Fort Bridger, Wyoming:

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Mountain Man Rendezvous-

For the past 10 years, my family has participated in the big mountain man rendezvous in Ft. Bridger, Wyoming over Labor Day Weekend. The fort was established by mountain man Jim Bridger in the early 1800’s for fur tradings between mountain men and native american indians pre 1840’s.

The rendezvous is open for tourists each day, but in order to stay in the fort, a tipi or wedge tent is required, and all items-clothing, food, etc must be period correct. No zippers, tupperware, plastic, tennis shoes, cell phones, etc or you’ll be fined. Seriously. All traded goods must be historically correct as well. There are dances, a traders row, candy cannons for children, shops, historical demonstrations/ reenactments, frying pan tosses, black powder gun shooting contests and buffalo/ deer/ beaver skinnings and trappings as well as primitive food shops.

We’ve met some of the most interesting people and made some of the greatest friends at Ft. Bridger. Because it’s a historical reenactment, the people who come each year are very passionate about this part of history and don’t mess around.

I don’t think Josh was aware of what he was getting himself into marrying me. My family is crazy and I wasn’t sure he’d survive a weekend at Bridger. But he did, and….. he actually is looking forward to going back each year… thank goodness because I’m obsessed.

I apologize now for the excessive amount of photos below. I can’t help myself, this year was incredible and I took too many photos.


josh and dad were on guard duty one night at the fort. don’t the arm bands make them look so official?
all the old mountain men always hit on hannah.
saturday evening’s square dance. isaac asked this little girl to dance at the square dance. her name is angela.
mom’s dutch oven cooking is to die for. between the scones, dutch oven desserts and loads of old fashioned candy, i think i gained 5 lbs this weekend.

isaac waking up after 70 mile per hour winds, a thunder storm, and hail during the night.

isaac at the childrens trade. they trade and barter with things they have either made, or received through a previous trade. (and once the trade has been made, you must shake hands.)
my parents have gotten a lot of neighbors into the rendezvous. here are a couple of our WH neighbors.

here is our family. love these people.

…and if you ever want to join us over Labor Day in Wyoming, you are more than welcome!

  1. Em & Gar

    we’re coming next year!!!!!

  2. AMAZING!! Can’t wait to hear more about it in person. Have a safe flight home.

  3. *mountain man voice* how’s a couple-a city slickers gonna go runnin around with no zippers in their clothes?

  4. Sarah

    AH! I LOVE IT. You girls make bonnets look so good!

  5. becca

    Who is that little boy running naked in the grass? I love it!

    Looks like fun. I want in. Let me know if there is room for next year…

    SIGN ME UP!!!

  6. becca

    P.S. And I love that every REID girl still looks HOT regardless of the lack of modern day conveniences and fully dressed in pioneer attire.

  7. Jackie

    I’m sure you have had your fair share of RANDOM people commenting your blog, and just when I decided not to be one (it’s kind of creepy, I know) I see this entry and can’t help myself. You and your family have to be the COOLEST people on this planet and I am officially jealous.

    All the best, Jackie.

  8. Ugh.

    Girl, I am so there next year that it’s not funny.

    I really just want my very own bonnet. I’ve thinking about itfor a very very long time.

  9. I’m not even kidding… I want in. I tried to orchestrate and Amish Day at BYU- where we didn’t use electricity, baked our own bread, walked to Utah lake to fish for dinner … but it didn’t go over well. I did manage to get a game of survivor played at Havasupai Falls though.

    Anyway- this looks AMAZING.

  10. Meg

    ahhh, I’ve missed your posts! this looks amazing–and naomi some of these photos are unbelievable–you’re on your way to becoming a wedding photog in no time!

  11. Brittany

    Is there room for me? I can’t believe your mom sewed all those clothes and I bet she cooked the best meals in the fort. I’m a little jealous I’m not a member of the reid family.

  12. Brittany

    And what’s your email?

  13. Yes, this is brilliant. So apparently they let modern glasses fly? What does it say about me that as I scrolled through this post I kept on looking for evdiences that you were out of period? I think it’s because I have this fear that being a Ft. Bridger family is like being a boating fmaily, and everyone wants to do it, but if you didn’t grow up boating, it’s hard to just up and start boating. That didn’t make sense. Hurry home, I’ll explain it in person.

  14. I love these pictures. It’s so beautiful. Sounds so fun. Would love to do something like this. You and your sisters are gorgeous.

  15. sunny

    What a great way to spend the long weekend. Nothing like living in a tipi without a cell phone to remind you how luxurious life is today.

  16. What an incredible experience. I especially love the little boy running freely in a loin cloth! Your family is beautiful and so adventerous. What a great way to spend a family weekend.

  17. Anna

    I thought your family was pretty rockin’ before…but this is the COOLEST thing I’ve ever heard of! Did you buy all the clothes or make them?

    Seriously, that is really great!

  18. my mama sewed everything but the mens pants!

    i know! she’s incredible.

  19. Dad

    Naomi, just a quick note for dad.

    Everyone is welcome next year at Rendezvous! We can get some campsites next door in the adjoining area outside of the actual fort.

    Then everyone can hang out at our campsite in the encampment. However, there is one rule! We are not letting Josh wear a loin cloth!

  20. about me

    i was there this year! when you were, i mean haha. love you’re blog, i’ve always wanted to live in ny. i live in utah! i swear i’ve seen your sister before too…rebeckah?

  21. b.

    i want a tipi so bad…tonnes of people had them when i was camping in wales last year and i had major envy! also love the bonnet!