fashion week- malan breton

you might remember this talented character, designer malan breton, from project runway a few seasons back (most recognizable in my opinion from his ridiculous/ hilarious audition clips).

well, natalie* and i got see his spring 2009 collection on the runway at bryant park this morning. beautiful people, clothing, pieces, stuffed goody bags!, paparazzi, cameras, lights, music…. yes please.
*maybe she knows malan. and maybe we mingled backstage with him afterwards. maybe she got us fabulous-celebrity-status seats. thank you, miss natalie. loved loved loved it. :)

and his pieces are beautiful. i’d take one of each. 
(…sorry photos are blurry. wasn’t really paying attention to what setting the camera was on)…

and love this girl. they don’t come better.
  1. Natalie*

    we’re such a big deal.

    did you listen to the electronica cd? i kind of hate it.

    lets have a girls night and watch star!!! pizza. iceys. stellie. my house? when you free?

  2. Sarah

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t know this week was fashion week/ already and I really want to be you right now!!!! You seriously live the life I want! And you look so cute, as always.

  3. im so jealous. like sick…ahhh! Can i move in?

  4. E.F.G.

    i just turned green all over. keep living this fab (daytime) life & never get a job.

  5. Leah

    So, can you tell me where to shop please? Your outfits are to die for. And perhaps part of it is that you don’t live in Utah, so you actually have other stores besides Gap…please advise.

  6. well forget my experience! Next time I’m coming with you guys!!! looks like fun! xx

  7. Brittany

    SHUT UP! I hate you.

    (and you and your famous friend look fabulous!)

  8. kate.

    Hey! So, you don’t know me, but my name is kate and i have been reading your blog for a little bit now.

    I’m friends with the hill family (mostly kara and ali), but i also know nicole, and i have met natalie. I read their blogs, and that’s how i found your blog. So I’m sorry that I have been being a blog stalker, but let me tell you, I’m a big fan. I love seeing you and natalie living these great lives in NYC and still staying strong in the gospel.. so inspiring. I would love to live in the city sooo much.

    So on to what I am commenting you about in the first place!

    I am a senior at Orem High School right now, and I am in the process of applying early decision to Columbia. I would love more than anything to go there. I was just wondering if you or your husband have any advice on applying, my essay, etc., that could possibly help me! ?? I only ask because I saw that your husband went to Columbia.

    I’m sorry for how random this is! Thank you though! (and sorry that this has turned into a novel.. i wasn’t intending on doing this to you!)

    my email is [email protected] if emailing a response would be easier. :)

    Thank you!