1. The 2nd photo is MESMORIZING!!! I love the twirling in progress. Dancing for you man wins LARGE brownie points.


  2. Sarah

    This gave me little chills. So pretty.

  3. Love the pics. No, none of the pictures I took were with my holga. I am in serious need to develope my holga film. I suck at doing that. Digital makes it easy. I just did those pics with my small canon power shot.
    I love the second pic of you twirling so much. Love cameras and the images it can capture! You are adorable!

  4. Looks like Naomi has a size 0 waist. I want that.

    But what else is new?

  5. I like the last one. Naomi, the photos on your blog are so fabulous. Always. Mainly, I was just checking in to see if there were any secrets here posted…

  6. Brittany

    Your photos are always brilliant!

  7. Lovely! You two have really figured out that little camera.

  8. liso.

    …hi, i’m a stranger that’s linked over from the mormon blog…just want to say that i love all your lighting in your pics, absolutely gorgeous! thanks for some blog loverlies!

  9. Jackie

    these are stunning. blow them up and plaster them on your walls.