we’ve decided we need a pet.

but no goldfish, hamsters, dogs that need walking/picking up after, things with hair/ fur, things that meow or purr, things that bite or things with scales.  any ideas? {p.s. husband doesn’t care for piglet.} ... Read more

reunion of sorts.

this is my bff, carolyn. {she’s a really fierce dancer–click here if you don’t believe me.} well, once upon a time and for the last 4 years– we were inseparable. attached at the hip. did everything together. then, came graduation. and now, we’re lucky if we see each other every other week.  yes, we both still live in new york, but between work, husband, love, sleep, and not dancing–things appear to be getting in the way....

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dress up*.

sometimes we wear fake noses + side burns around our apartment.  it’s called dress up time.  it’s what the weekends are for… *i am thankful for a husband who willingly plays dress up with me.  our little girls are sure going to love their daddy someday.  ... Read more

here’s to a bad week turned around.

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i love the new crisp feel outside as summer slowly comes to an end. 

i love that this means it’s almost time to pull out the sweaters, scarves and hats.  (well, maybe i’ve already pulled them out, and am wearing them faithfully around the apartment while drinking some apple cider and cutting out my favorite autumn clippings from magazines.... Read more